Sweet CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Sweet CBD hemp flower – as the name suggests – is a distinct strain that offers great taste and light effects. As one of the sweetest strains of CBD currently on the market, Sweet has developed quite a large following because of its lip-smaking flavor that maximizes on the pleasure side of the CBD hemp flower experience. Sweet to the core, Sweet’s aromatic qualities are nothing short of desirable, making users satisfied from scent to its sweet effects.

Sweet CBD hemp plants growing in green house



Where Does Sweet CBD Come From?

Unfortunately, no one truly knows where the Sweet strain comes from. Whoever first developed it chose not to disclose the original strains used to breed the cultivar. So there’s no way to tell what specific phenotypes birthed the strain. What we do know however is that Sweet’s parents are both CBD-dominant strains with very limited THC content. So the result is that the strain lends potent effects that keep you controlled and centered for hours on end.



The Effects of Sweet CBD Hemp Flower

Sweet is an indica-dominant strain that paves the way for restful relaxation and sleep. Fast-acting and long-lasting, Sweet’s effects can easily send you off to a restful evening of uninterrupted sleep minus all of the other effects that tend to complicate the CBD experience.

Aside from feeling sleepy and calm, Sweet gives rise to a subtle level of creativity and a gently euphoric state that lifts away cognitive stress and makes room for a more pleasant disposition. Despite that, Sweet doesn’t really encourage productivity or motivation, so it really does wonders for those who just want to sleep without having to wrestle with their thoughts.

Body-wise, Sweet can be very subtle. The effects of the cultivar rarely make a showing in terms of your physical state, but there are some who claim that it helps to relieve tension. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a special strain that can help you feel more comfortable, then the Sweet strain might not be for you.



The Sweet CBD Flavor Profile

closeup of Sweet CBD hemp bud

True to its name, the Sweet CBD hemp flower strain brings hard-hitting sweetness to the table. Reminiscent of a medley of fruit and candy, Sweet rings well with a lot of patrons because of its incredibly palatable taste. Right off the bat, the nugs themselves can be very pleasing to the senses, enveloping the nostrils in a gentle aromatic experience.

Fast burning, Sweet’s scent and flavor are heightened after ignition, wrapping your head around light, fluffy clouds of smoke that exhibit the same taste and scent. As the smoke pushes through your throat and down your lungs, it leaves behind a pleasant sweetness resembling the taste of berries and fruit. Of course, the woody, earthy undertones will always be there. But all in all, there’s no other CBD experience that’s quite as pleasant as Sweet.

If you’re particularly sensitive to the hard-hitting bitterness and gasoline taste of other CBD hemp flower strains, then Sweet is just for you. Light, pleasant, and gentle on the tastebuds, this distinct cultivar can be a real treat for any CBD user.


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