Where to Buy Hemp Clones in Tennessee

When it comes to sourcing industrial hemp clones in the great state of Tennessee, there is a lot to know that they don’t tell you up front. For starters, although Tennessee has legalized the production of industrial hemp, the state has no jurisdiction over the multitude of factors that an industrial hemp producer will face.

As an example, federal law requires that residents of Tennessee procure certified hemp seeds from a third party. Since extant hemp seeds in Tennessee may have varying levels of THC, they are not certified for industrial use.

There are no certified pesticides for use in the production of high-CBD hemp plants in the state, nor are there are there any laws in place to mandate banking institutions to provide their services to industrial hemp farmers.

As such, the burden must be born by the individuals who endeavor to produce CBD hemp crops. And it is their responsibility to obtain low-THC, CBD-rich hemp clones from third party entities. The liability belongs solely to the industrial hemp farmer, and his or her agents and assigns.

Below are a few helpful tips for sourcing quality CBD-rich hemp clones in Tennessee and beyond.


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Despite the red tape you will have to cope with when registering with the state and setting up your operations, this is an ideal time to be getting into the space. Industrial hemp production has been booming with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Experienced lawyers are at the ready to consult with you about farming programs, crop insurance, high risk merchant processing firms and conservation reserves.

More than 3,000 people have applied to grow hemp in 2019 alone. That’s up from a mere 300 in the previous year.

Locals have recognized that Tennessee is fertile ground for a big return on their acreage. Forbes contributor Andre Bourque has said that hemp is giving renewed life to America’s tobacco farmers and this is plain to see in the vast dividends it has created.

Marijuana stocks are at an all-time high (no pun intended) and hemp revenue is expected to climb by 27% annually, hitting $2.6 billion by 2022. Hemp cultivation, processing and extraction is where the real money is at these days, plain and simple.


Tennessee hemp farmers should familiarize themselves with the genealogy of their CBD hemp clones. Here at Industrial Hemp Farms, we haven’t made a name for ourselves by ignoring lineage and flouting quality control standards. On the contrary, we owe our success to our staunch belief in R & D.

Our commitment isn’t just to our customers but to the clones that we grow from carefully selected mother plants. Each high-CBD hemp mother is fastidiously evaluated for its strength and characteristics.

Each of our hybrids is the result of two genetically superior strains so that our hemp clones are indica dominant while also presenting traits from a sativa strain. We stress our hemp plants to the point of sheer exertion to suss out these eccentricities and ensure a CBD hemp mother that is dressed to impress, so to speak.

Each plant is scrutinized for its terpene profile, cannabinoid content and levels of CBD. We pride ourselves on achieving CBD levels that are unsurpassed in the industry.


When purchasing CBD-rich hemp clones in Tennessee, always be sure that you are doing business with a reputable company that practices transparency and holds themselves to high quality standards. You want to know that you are dealing with someone who is willing to disclose all pertinent information prior to transaction.

If you’re looking for a legitimate source for CBD hemp clones, you’ll want to be sure that they are in good standing with organizations such as HFA (Hemp Farmers Association) or Hemp Partners. Additionally, you will want certification reflecting that their industrial hemp is the product of certified hemp seeds.

All of our hemp products are 100% all-natural, bonafide low-THC hemp. No conditions. No B.S. We offer additional information upon request and make best efforts to provide visitors with everything they need to know about growing and caring for our CBD hemp clones.

At Industrial Hemp Farms, we believe that a sustainable world isn’t just possible…it’s already here, and it smells sticky good.


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