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CBD Hemp Clones

IHF LLC is the top high-CBD hemp clone wholesaler in Colorado Springs. We currently produce over one-thousand industrial hemp clones per day. High-CBD hemp seeds, both unfeminized and feminized are also for sale at our facility in Colorado Springs. If you are interested to buy hemp clones, please reach out to a member of our sales team immediately as our premium hemp clones move fast.

IHF LLC can supply high-CBD bulk hemp clones at the cheapest prices. Currently, we produce over 1000 CBD industrial hemp clones each and every day and are increasing this supply in 2019. We also produce regular mother plants and mini mothers.

Our clones and hemp plants are the best quality at the cheapest prices that will produce high-CBD content industrial grade hemp biomass for CBD crude, distillate or isolate extraction. Currently, we offer high-CBD hemp mother plants, mini mother plants and clones for sale. Please contact us to arrange a sales call or tour of our hemp cloning facility in Colorado more...