Where to Buy Hemp Clones in Colorado

Purchasing CBD-rich hemp clones can seem like a Herculean task because sourcing low-THC hemp plants requires much of the discerning farmer. When shopping around, you will be looking for competitive pricing, but there are others factors which you should bring to bear on the matter, not least of which is your CBD hemp clones’ parentage.

As we all know, genetics are vital to the quality and longevity of your crop. You will want to look for superior traits, such as cannabinoid profile and terpene levels as well as the overall health of the plant. Since federal law requires that industrial hemp contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis, you must select carefully.



 Many facilities are offering CBD hemp clones on the internet, but only some of them provide detailed info about their clones’ lineage. In fact, some sites provide little more than a picture of their clones and a subtotal.

In order to secure a healthy, well-rounded CBD hemp clone, you should always look for a company that discloses the source of their clones. Since each mother plant’s cuttings can produce clones with vastly different characteristics, you will want to know what you can anticipate from your clones.

What are their dominant terpenes? What kind of hybrid was used to produce them? Was their mother harvested from seed?

Hemp plants that grow from seed are more likely to develop genetic mutations. In the case of seed reproduction, the plant size will vary dramatically throughout the vegetative growth stage. This will be a determining factor in the quality of your flower yield.

This is just one thing to kind in mind when sourcing CBD hemp clones.

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 A hemp clone’s rooting environment is another key factor to consider when sourcing industrial hemp. All hemp plants rely on humidity and warm temperature, so it is imperative that sources house them in facilities that can provide optimal heat (>90% humidity at approximately 25 degrees Celsius).

Hemp clones require a minimum of 18 hour photoperiods with light intensity moderated around the clock. In order to maintain humidity, facilities should be equipped with sprayers which mist the leaves at least twice daily.

Once cuttings have been rooted, the acclimatization period should allow the plant to slowly adjust to full light exposure and less humid conditions. These are details which should be given to farmers prior to a sale. If such data cannot be furnished, either on a seller’s website or upon request then you should take your business elsewhere.


 Finally, you want to be sure that you are dealing with professionals. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is now a legal agricultural crop in the United States. But that doesn’t mean every person offering it is properly certified.

When inquiring about a purveyor of CBD hemp clones, you should always determine whether or not they are a farm in good standing with organizations like HFA (Hemp Farmers Association) and/or Hemp Partners.


 The Rocky Mountain State has innumerable hemp farms, but there is a limited number of legitimate sources for high CBD hemp clones. Here is a short list of the top dispensaries in the region:

Kind Love is Denver’s # 1 provider of exceptional genetics and the strongest clones in the state. Their prices are fair and their staff are dedicated to industry excellence.

Hemp Depot CBD carries a 5-star rating and can meet all of your CBD needs. Last but not least, Hemp-X Colorado offer custom-engineered hemp clones grown in their cutting edge facilities.

Utilizing solar, LED diodes, all-natural recycling processes and internet-based monitoring in their programmable environments, they produce sustainable, pesticide-free CBD hemp clones that are never compromised by chemical-based fertilizers or adulteration of any kind.

Here at Industrial Hemp Farms, we offer wholesale clones that are processed in-house without relying on any third parties. You will not have to deal with brokers or any other middle men. Contact us today to book a tour of our 300-acre facility and see our CBD hemp clones for yourself.



 When sourcing CBD hemp clones in Colorado (or anywhere else), demand the best and you’ll get it. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to growing acre upon acre of renewable stock.


Sourcing Clones in Other States


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