Where to Buy Hemp Clones in California

Searching for hemp clones for sale in California? The procurement of CBD-rich hemp clones is a great way to jumpstart your growing operation, as you save valuable time compared to growing directly from seed. Instead of germinating seeds and tending to young plant until gender maturity, you eliminate much of the guesswork associated with hemp growing. 

Purchasing hemp clones in California allows you to reach the harvest phase weeks before your competition. However, as all high CBD hemp clones share an identical DNA, it is important that you find a reputable supplier for your business. Here at Industrial Hemp Farms, we can be your trusted partner for indica/sativa CBD hemp clones of the highest quality. Read more below to learn more about our range of services in the West Coast. 


hemp clones legality and purchasing in california



California hemp clones marketplace

California is one of the largest cannabis markets in the world as, hemp, medicinal and recreational cannabis are fully legal as of 2016. Hemp is legal to grow in all of California’s 58 counties under the supervision of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Prospective hemp farmers need to register with their local Agricultural Commission to obtain a permit and the fee is $900 per year. 


According to the Hemp Industries Association, California is key for the industry, as 77 percent of US sales are earned by California-based industries. There is fierce competition for local companies and shortages of hemp seeds and clones in California are not uncommon. Speeding up your crop with hemp clones is especially important in California, as it is limited by a shorter growing season compared to the rest of the US. 


At Industrial Hemp Farms, we provide farmers and retailers with top quality hemp clones and seeds. Check out our full range of hemp clone strains available and feel free to go through our detailed lab test results backed by the independent test lab of Botanacor.


Consider the genetic heritage of your hemp clones

The genetic profile is the first thing you should always check when purchasing clones. Buying high-quality clones can significantly improve your overall yield. However, there are some factors you should be aware of before jumping into a deal.


Growing with hemp clones has many advantages over growing from seed. With hemp clones, you can be certain that: 


Here’s a quick checklist of what you should be aware of before purchasing CBD hemp clones.



At IHF, we pay the utmost attention to our young seedlings and we make sure every clone you get from us is healthy and tested. 


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Hemp clone maintenance

The hemp clones you will receive are about two weeks old and are freshly cut from their mother plant. They are delivered rooted and healthy in hydroponic cubes with an ideal pH level. Ideally, you should water them with distilled or pH-tested water and keep them in a room with controlled temperature and humidity. 



The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation and delivery of industrial hemp containing less than 0.3 percent CBD on a dry weight basis. Federal law explicitly prohibits THC levels higher than 0.3 percent, therefore it is important to carefully research the genetic profile of your hemp clones. 


The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act was signed into law on January 1, 2017, and it specifies the framework around the commercial production of hemp in California. According to state law, there are no restrictions specific to the import of industrial hemp seeds or plants into California. However, all biomass entering the state must undergo plant pest quarantines and is subject to an agricultural inspection. For more information, you can contact the CDFA Pest Exclusion Branch


According to the California Food and Agricultural Code, growers and breeders can only grow specific strains of industrial hemp. These can be found on the list of approved cultivars.


Hemp clones for sale in California

No matter which clone strain you are searching for, here at Industrial Hemp Farms we’ve got you covered. In our state-of-the-art hemp nursery, you will find a wide assortment of genetic profiles, all grown to perfection according to best agricultural practices. 


What makes us different is the hands-on approach of our stuff in the cultivation and sales aspects. At IHF, you get personalized service and a representative ready to answer all your questions regarding orders, testing, and fulfillment.


We can accommodate hemp clone deliveries anywhere in California, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and the SF area. 

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