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Need a pick-me-up? How about a total Game Changer? Aptly named for its ability to turn any sour mood all the way around, the Game Changer strain is here to take you from down in the dumps to over the moon. The 60-40 indica-sativa cultivar is rich in cannabinoids that bring out the best in your disposition, tossing out the bad juju so you can feel refreshed, renewed, and totally carefree.

With a dominant citrus flavor that perfectly matches its happy, giggly effects, Game Changer is the absolute best go-to strain for those moments when you feel like you just need to escape the distress that weighs down on your being.

The Origins of the Game Changer Strain

Unlike other cannabis strains that combine the qualities of iconic varieties, the Game Changer mixes things up by bringing together the properties of a classic and a relatively unknown strain. Developed from the union of Thailand’s landrace and the unsung Purple Dragon variety, Game Changer proves that you don’t really need popular parents to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Green Thai – the specific Thai landrace phenotype that was selected for the breeding process – is heavy sativa leaning strain that alerts the mind and body with a shot of energy that can keep you going for hours. The cultivar – made popular for its benefits in the arena of creativity and productivity – is especially potent, providing the maximum benefits of sativa cannabis through its wild, unhinged genetics.

Blending together with the landrace’s strong qualities is the relatively unknown yet equally formidable Purple Dragon. The indica dominant cultivar is slightly more stimulating than other varieties you’re likely to find, complemented by the smooth, sweet aroma of the strains airy smoke. Together, these two strains birthed the game-changing genetics of the Game Changer herb which perfectly encapsulate the odd yet blissful marriage.

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Aroma and Appearance

As though dipped in rich purple dye, the Game Changer’s nugs are beautifully decorated by splotches of purple undertones that dapple the exterior and add dimension and depth to the strain’s overall bag appeal. Brightly colored red orange vines trap the bud in a cage of delicate color, lending both texture and saturation to the already vibrant leaves.

And as if all of that isn’t enough to catch your attention, the strain’s whimsical layer of glistening resin makes it even more of a visual spectacle. Its fanciful trichome coating lends it a touch of dazzling appeal, making it look as though it’s been dipped in gold dust. Needless to say, the strain might very well snag your sights from its seat atop a dispensary’s shelf.

When you finally take the leap and ask to take a whiff, the strain welcomes you with its warn citrus scent, reminiscent of a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade in the summer. Together with the lively scent of pine and pepper, the cultivar takes your sense of smell on a gentle ride through various fragrances that all take center stage at varying points of the encounter.

Experience and Effects

Lighting a bowlful of the Game Changer strain produces delicate plumes of light airy smoke that waft effortlessly through your lungs. The clouds of citrus clear your sinuses on the way, using the sharp taste of lemon to soothe your throat and caress your taste buds. On the exhale, the smoke takes on a mild bitterness with a taste that closely resembles the odor of lighter fluid.

As your mind is compelled to focus on the symphony of flavor dancing across your lips and tongue, the strain gets to work. The Game Changer’s plan is simple – to take your lowered mood and lift you higher than you’ve ever been before. As though taking away the troubles that plague your mind, the strain shines through with happy hormones, making you want to smile and giggle for no apparent reason. Along with it, a light and floaty feeling take over the limbs, making it easier for you to move without the weight of your tired body anchoring you to your seat.

With a slight increase in appetite, the strain produces the quintessential cannabis experience – happy, hungry, and sleepy. But without overpowering your system or making you feel overwhelmed with its effects, the herb might just be the ideal solution for both veterans and rookies in search of a simple, light, and easy experience.

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Growing and Processing

Although not the easiest to grow, Game Changer’s strong citrus aroma makes it a pleasure to have around. Even as an immature plant, the cultivar fills the air with the smell of pine and lemon, so indoor growers can enjoy its satisfying aroma way before harvest time. The plant may need up to 12 weeks to reach the flowering phase, which may be a little too long to wait if you’re interested in a quick harvest.

With an average of 4 ounces for every foot of height, the Game Changer herb isn’t exactly what you would call a high yield variety. Nonetheless, its hardy resilience against all sorts of pests and plant infections make it a good choice for novice farmers who don’t want to risk their luck with a temperamental plant.

Game Changer’s interesting effects make it a solid choice for extraction. Its ability to impact the mood makes it especially ideal if you’re looking to develop edibles and other cannabis products that aim to uplift with nothing more than a single gummy bear every now and then.

Who Is It For?

Perfect for both rookies and professionals, the Game Changer strain is an all-around solution for bad moods and low dispositions. The herb’s well-balanced effects can work wonders for anyone, and simply serves the purpose of uplifting sour situations which almost everyone experiences.

While it might not be the fastest growing or the highest yielding variety out there, the Game Changer can be a good choice for farmers who want to produce the perfect edibles for mood enhancement. With genetics that are geared towards improving a bad disposition, extracts that are taken from the Game Changer strain can produce some of the most effective edibles for distress relief.

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