Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Despite its relatively low potency, this strain offers a spectrum of effects, thus its name. Spectrum CBD hemp flower boasts a range of benefits ideal for those who might suffer from restlessness, nervousness, and unease. The strain has a modest 11:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, which is fairly low compared to strains like the Cannatonic or T1 Trump. But even then, it makes a great entry level strain for beginners or for those who want milder effects with their use.

Offering relief without sedation, Spectrum can be a great way to relax and unwind minus the overpowering sleepiness or drowsiness. Its long-lasting effects are especially helpful if you feel the need for relief for extended periods during the day.

Spectrum CBD hemp plants growing in field



Where Does Spectrum CBD Come From?

Not a lot is known about the descendants of the Spectrum strain. But based on its effects, we can confirm that it’s an indica-leaning cultivar. Its effects suppress the system and calm the mind and body which is characteristic of the indica variations. We can also assume that its parent strains were neither CBD-dominant because of Spectrum’s lower CBD concentration.



The Effects of Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower

The Spectrum strain maximizes relaxation without any sort of sedation, keeping you calm and cool minus the drowsiness. In effect, the strain will maintain you pretty close to your daily state of mind, just without the stress and tension. This can be great for very targeted relief, ideal for those who struggle with nervousness, unease, and restless of the mind.

Aside from its impact on cognition, Spectrum also has very mild effects on the body. The strain allows a gentle body buzz to take over, giving rise to s mild tingling sensation that relieves physical discomfort to allow better disposition. The muscles will tend to feel less tension and stress, letting you move freely and efficiently.

The effects of the Spectrum strain are long-lasting yet subtle, simply elevating you from your average, everyday state to make you feel a heightened sense of well-being. So you’ll still feel completely intact and normal – just better.



The Taste of Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower

closeup of Spectrum CBD hemp bud

If there’s one word to describe the taste of Spectrum, it’s herbal. Notes of mint and spice take front and center on your first drag, awakening and capturing your senses from that first whiff. As you continue to toke, the taste of moist soil takes on a more prominent role, enveloping your senses in its strong earthy flavor.

Towards the tail end of the experience, the herbal flavors come back into play. These leafy, spicy notes jab at the taste buds and tickle the throat. A gentle burning sensation scrapes against the back of your mouth, similar to what you would feel after eating a well-seasoned meal.

All in all, the flavors tie in together fairly well. The taste profile is full and dynamic, allowing a play of different notes to come and go as you go through the process. If anything, the flavor profile is just as neat and subtle as the strain’s effects. So it really does make a suitable choice for beginners or for low-tolerance users.


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