Berry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Dense and sticky, the Berry Blossom CBD is a strain that’s well deserving of its name. The unique hybrid descends from the Chardonnay and the Cherry Kandahar S1 strains that create the perfect union of floral and fruity flavors for the unique Berry Blossom flavor profile.

Leaning more to the sedative side of CBD effects, Berry Blossom can be a suitable nighttime choice, helping lift away stress and tension to make way for clarity and comfort that supports better sleep and relaxation.closeup of Berry Blossom CBD hemp bud

Where Does Berry Blossom CBD Come From?

The Berry Blossom strain was developed by combining Cherry Kandahar S1 which is a powerful indica strain of Afghani descent, and Chardonnay which is a fresh and lively hybrid with hard-hitting fruit flavors. Together, these strains form the Berry Blossom’s distinct taste that’s reminiscent of acai.

The Effects of Berry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower

As an indica-dominant strain, Berry Blossom leans more towards the sedative side of the CBD spectrum. But despite its calming effects, it doesn’t couch lock its user, giving you just enough clarity of mind to help support slow and steady productivity. But if you feel more like relaxing, the Berry Blossom can be some help as well.

Paving the way for a pleasantly unoccupied mind, Berry Blossom generates a light and airy feeling that’s just as pleasant as its aroma. After a dose, you can enjoy a subtle lightness that can support calm wakefulness or a deep slumber, whichever you feel you need most at the moment.

On that note, individuals seeking a livelier experience might not feel to satisfied with the Berry Blossom’s effects. The calm, carefree air that surrounds a user after the dose might slow down productivity, although allowing just enough energy for slow and steady task completion. If you were hoping for something a little more aggressive for those long days full of tasks and obligations, then a strong sativa-dominant strain might be better for your needs.

Berry Blossom CBD hemp plants growing in field

The Berry Blossom CBD Flavor Profile

At first whiff, you’ll pick up on an aromatic blend of fruity, berry fragrances that should perk up your senses and catch your attention. With its distinct acai scent, the Berry Blossom hemp flower easily engages the senses, kicking off the experience from that first encounter.

During the drag, the Berry Blossom’s strong fragrance might not be as dominant. But even then, it is a fairly pleasant trip. The typical woody, earthy bitterness that comes with the experience is also exceptionally watered down. So those who might prefer a CBD flavor that’s neutralized and subtle, this can be the ideal choice.

If you were more interested in a hard-hitting flavor profile that punches the back of your throat and sticks around well after the drag, then you might want to consider other choices. Berry Blossom – although strongly fragrant at first – doesn’t deliver the same potency in terms of flavor. Funny enough, vaping the substance instead of smoking it will help clear away the gasoline taste to highlight the fruity, berry flavor a little better.

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