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Purple BOAX CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Purple BOAX wholesale smokeable hemp flower lbs for sale Colorado
Purple BOAX CBD Hemp Flower Strain somehow reminds me of my high school days. Do you remember the smart kids who seemed to be everything? The ones that had it all? The ones who

While some strains are famous for specific features such as taste or smell, Purple BOAX CBD Hemp flower seems to have a good share in everything. Talk about a rich terpene and cannabinoid profile! This one’s got a unique smell, taste, high CBD content, etc. The hemp flower is everything you would look for in a hemp strain.

But I could just be praising it for no good reason, right? Or maybe I’m just being biased?

There is only one way to find out!

In this review, I will let you know all there is to know about Purple BOAX CBD Hemp Flower strain from IHF. If you go knocking at their doors, looking for this strain after reading this review, don’t forget to update me!

First things first…


Purple Boax Origin & Genetics

BOAX is a high CBD hemp cultivar bred in the beautiful Colorado Springs. The strain is based on selections from an inbred-line of Otto II seed and the Hindu-Kush.

The company understands the need of being able to enjoy the benefits of the hemp plant without experiencing any mind-altering effects and for this reason, they have used the best technology to back-cross and stabilize the seeds for high-CBD expression, short, dense structure and fast flowering time.

Genetics: A cross between Otto II and Hindu Kush resulting in a sweet, woody lemon flavor.


Appearance & Taste

Although the buds might appear small, I love their consistency.

This pretty little flower has a full-bodied flavor. The sweet, tangy and earthy taste of these fat nugs truly stands out and delivers. Doesn’t matter whether you smoke or vape (but of course I’d advise you to vape), the flower works great in both!

Have you tried BOAX before? Well, this batch will be a little different since it has been grown in an in-house environment, utilizing cutting edge growing techniques. Featuring a smooth flavor of brown sugar and rich orange cream, this strain will surely leave your taste buds asking for more. Once you get started, there is no turning back!


Purple Boax Terpene Profile

I have yet to find another hemp plant with such a robust terpene and cannabinoid profile. Just like other flowers of its caliber, BOAX CBD Hemp strain contains large amounts of Beta-Mrycene, Farnesene, Caryophllene, and Pinene.

The strain has a sweet aroma, with hints of fruity candy thanks to the significant presence of terpene Myrcene. However, Caryophyllene is also present, as evidenced by notes of spicy earth and fresh baked goods.

As a bonus, the strain also has the rare trans ocmene terpene which underscores the sweet, woodsy and herbaceous aroma with an added burst of sugary rose.


hemp field with purple boax strain


Purple Boax CBD & THC Content

Contains less than the allowable 0.3% THC. Don’t worry; this flower won’t get you high!

On the other hand, this full-spectrum hemp strain boasts of all the essential fatty acids, aromatic molecules, and minerals.

The flower bursts with terpenes, flavonoids and high CBD content of up to.



Being fully registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, IHF LLC is free to ship any hemp product to all the 50 US states.

Also, Purple BOAX CBD Hemp Flower is Farm Bill compliant, having been grown organically and containing less than the allowable 0.3% THC.

All the products are tested by credited 3rd party independent labs for authenticity and compliance with the law. The product comes with all the necessary documents including the certificates of analysis.



In terms of terpene, taste, versatility and CBD content, Purple BOAX from IHF carries the day. Ever since I tried the flower for the first time, it has remained my favorite strain, and I don’t see this narration changing anytime soon!


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