Sour Diesel Strain Review

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Sour Diesel – or simply Sour D – is an almost-pure sativa strain that’s lively, energetic, and packed with strong, pungent flavor. The high-speed cultivar delivers results almost instantly, and is beloved by users for its long-lasting effects that focus on lifting away physical tension and changing your mood from bad to better. With excellent bag appeal and a crazy combo of equally interesting flavors, the Sour Diesel strain is a definite celebrity in its own right.

The Origins of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the earlier cannabis flower strains, having been produced and popularized sometime in the advent of the 90’s. The timing of its entrance into the market has made it something of a cult-fave, encapsulating what purists might call the quintessential cannabis experience.

The Sour D strain was bred out of the cross-breeding of Chemdog ‘91 and Super Skunk – two iconic originals that have been in the cannabis scene since forever. Needless to say, the stellar combination was nothing short of a genius move, giving rise to what many consider to be the epitome of sativa cannabis.

Breaking down the Sour D qualities, you’ll find that it gets its cerebral buzz and dominating diesel flavor from Chemdog ‘91. The pungent skunky flavor and competitive citrus notes on the other hand, come from the Super Skunk parent strain.

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The Effects of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel comes out kicking with a 25% CBD concentration, making it especially effective at soothing the body and giving rise to that systemic calm. But because it leans to the sativa side of the spectrum, the strain is particularly energetic and lively, allowing a sense of well-being, positivity, and euphoria to shine through.

The cultivar is also comparatively lucid, keeping you awake and fully aware of everything that happens during the session. So, with elevated energy levels, improved mental clarity, and razor-sharp concentration, you can get more stuff done while you’re tripping on the Sour diesel strain.

For beginners and low tolerance users, experts advise against using high doses of Sour Diesel to start. With such high CBD concentrations, it does tend to feel pretty overwhelming especially if you’re not particularly experienced with cannabis just yet. Take it in smaller amounts and work up to meet your level of tolerance just to be sure.

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The Sour Diesel Flavor Profile

She ain’t called Sour Diesel for nothing. This indulgent cultivar mixes together the lip-puckering flavor of fresh citrus and the tongue-numbing bitterness of gasoline to bring you the starkest flavor contrast you’re likely to find with any cannabis flower strain. The equally powerful tastes battle it out for your attention and definitely work well to awaken the senses.

Needless to say, the Sour D’s flavor might also be reserved for those with a slightly higher tolerance. Purists tend to enjoy the taste, especially because it comes from some of the most iconic parent strains from the height of the cannabis era. But low-tolerance users and novices might find it a little too overwhelming, especially because it doesn’t manifest any sweetness even in the least. So, there’s nothing there to temper the combating flavors.

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