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⭐️ Hand Trimmed to Perfection

CBG is a fantastic strain on its own, especially if you have had CBD flower before and want to try something new. It’s also a great strain for mixing with other buds to create a unique and smooth effect.

The most recent harvest of CBG offers a new and improved version of the previous strain’s genetics and has huge beautiful buds with more powerful aromatics than previous harvests. The buds are bright green and stinky, creating a focused, alert and heady effect that is best described as a Sativa.

Our White CBG hemp flower, a true show-stopper in the world of industrial hemp. If you’re tired of the typical CBD strains and crave something completely different, CBG is your answer.

One glance at these flower buds and you’ll be astounded by the thick layer of frost, resembling snow or sugar.

Unlock the potential benefits of CBG today.


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