CBD Flower Sampler Bundle


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Includes 5 -quality 3.5g flower bags


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Our CBD flower sample pack is full of unique and fragrant CBD strains to choose from, including Bubba Kush, Early Blossom, Lifter, Elektra and Sour Space Candy. The sample pack is perfect for those wanting to try a variety of CBD flower, or to take advantage of the discounted price. By purchasing a sample pack, you’ll have access to 5 of our 3.5g bags of the highest quality CBD flower on the market, all at a great value.

With this collection of CBD flower, you’ll achieve a natural, balanced state of relaxation that won’t compromise your productivity or clarity. With an array of delightful aromas, these CBD flowers will invigorate your senses and give you a sense of calm that lasts. Treat yourself to the best with this CBD flower sampler bundle!

It is important to note that the effects of these CBD strains can vary from person to person. Individual preferences may also play a role in determining the ideal strain for each individual. Experimentation and personal exploration are key in finding the perfect CBD strain that aligns with your desired experiences and needs.

Fans often report experiencing a delightful wave of euphoria that is simultaneously soothing for both the mind and body. Additionally, some individuals have found that CBD may effectively alleviate mild pain, muscle strains, and tension.


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