Suver Haze Cannabis Strain Review

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Finishing quick and yielding a bountiful harvest, Suver Haze has earned its rightful place as a favorite strain among farmers. Almost effortless to grow, the cultivar provides a high rewards for the short time that it takes to reach maturity. But even then, it doesn’t sacrifice quality, still showcasing intricate flavor combinations, excellent flavor, and a whirlwind of calming effects that are guaranteed to take you to the next level of relaxation.

Dominated by an intricate CBD profile, the Suver Haze strain brings forth unprecedented release against a range of physical and mental distresses that might keep you from being your best self. With that, the strain has become a favorite among those who use cannabis for its benefits in supporting optimal well-being.

The Suver Haze Lineage

Suver Haze hails from the sunny state of Oregon where farmers flock to take advantage of the weather conditions that are ideal for growing top-quality cannabis. The cultivar was produced out of the union of Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry – a favorite parent strain for those who want to manifest the full power of CBD. ERB is known for its delicate berry fragrance and flavor, and its impressive terpene blend that’s perfect for producing soothing CBD cannabis.

Suver #8 – another contributor to the Suver Haze genetics – is a high-CBD strain that delivers potent calming effects and pacifying effects that keep the body in a total state of tranquility. The strain is also where the Suver Haze descendant gets its powerful aroma and flavor profile. The sensual tastes of berry and pepper blend together to create a blissful taste encounter that’s sure to keep you wanting more. And thanks to this distinct flavor, Suver Haze enjoys a profile that’s just as delectable as its ancestors’.

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Appearance and Aroma

Suver Haze takes on the appearance of the prototypical CBD-dominant cannabis. The condensed nugs are smaller compared to those of the average strain, and the bud manifests a more organic blend of greens and browns. On occasion, you might find a few streaks of pink and blue here and there which might add a touch of bag appeal to the strain as you scan your top-shelf choices.

Much like any other cannabis strain, Suver Haze is entangled in a silky matrix of yellow to orange tendrils. These fine hairs cover the entire exterior and add contrast to the green and brown hues, making the strain look far more appealing, especially for those who are particular about cannabis aesthetics.

What’s especially delightful about the Suver Haze cultivar is that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to aroma. As its beautiful exterior sets your expectations, the fragrant CBD dominant strain exceeds them by releasing a powerful blend of fresh, fruity, berry-esque notes. The sweet combination of fragrances is underlined by the strong scent of pepper, paving the way for a complete olfactory experience that twists and turns through a mesmerizing maze of sensory bliss.

Experience and Effects

Unlike other strains that set the bar high and then fall short of expectations, Suver Haze matches exactly what you would anticipate based on its aroma. When burnt up and smoked, the strain tastes exactly as it smells, giving you a blend of wonderful fruity flavors with the spice of pepper drizzled as a delightful undertone.

The smoke itself is mildly scratchy, leaving a gentle itch in your throat as it passes through. Upon exiting your lungs, the smoke takes on the taste of earth and wood, with modest hints of the sweetness it brought as it first entered your system. Altogether, the encounter can be particularly pleasant and appealing to both novices and veterans with its airy flavor, texture, and aroma.

The strain’s chemical makeup produces a distinct buzz that’s quite different from the variety of other cultivars you might find. At the start, the strain works to empty your vessel of clutter and stress. The result is a mild couchlock that might get your mind flowing and frolicking through uncharted territory. But as the effects rally into full speed, your disposition changes.

Several minutes into the session, you’ll find yourself under the power of an explosion of creative energy. Thoughts and fresh ideas are likely to course through your mind as a gentle yet palpable buzz course through your limbs. The mild awakening effects can keep you from drifting off to sleep, and the creative fever can be more than enough to see you through a day’s worth of work and responsibilities.

On the other hand, those seeking an experience of relief can bask in the meditative and electrifying experience that the strain provides. Just take a seat, and let the ideas flow as the buzz massages away your aches and discomforts.

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Growing and Processing

Suver Haze is fairly easy to grow, thriving well indoors without any specific nutritional needs. Giving the plant a suitable dose of heat and low levels of humidity should keep it optimally healthy until it reaches maturity. Producing up to 6 ounces of product for every foot of height that the plant reaches, the Suver Haze strain is fairly high yield making it an ideal choice if you’re interested in starting your own retail service.

Another thing about the Suver Haze cultivar that makes it a good pick for business-minded individuals is the fact that it has a rich terpene profile. The complex chemical compound structure means that concentrates and other cannabis-derived products made from the strain can be particularly potent and flavorful, boasting the complete effects of cannabis as a full-spectrum extract.

Who Is It For?

Suver Haze’s delicious flavor profile, potent aroma, and pleasant effects transcend users of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Perfect for low-tolerance users and novices, the strain also finds a suitable spot in the stash of a seasoned veteran, thanks to its balanced effects geared towards gentle wakefulness and relaxation.

Those interested in growing their own cannabis can also find sound purpose in Suver Haze. Whether you’re breeding or growing in bulk, this stable strain can ease the process of growth without watering down the quality or quantity of your harvest.

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