Premium Assorted Mixed Buds (1LB) – Bulk CBD Hemp Flower

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size: 1 Gram, 3.5 Grams - 1/8th oz, 7 Grams - 1/4th oz, 14 Grams - 1/2 oz, 28 Grams - 1 oz

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One full Pound of Mixed Buds is back again! Each pound is a combination of several CBD strains, offering an affordable option for bulk Hemp Flower.

16 reviews for Premium Assorted Mixed Buds (1LB) – Bulk CBD Hemp Flower

  1. al williams (verified owner)

    I love the smooth smoke this produces. No burnt throat and what a deal. love the taste reminds me of some blue dreams i bought years ago thanks to ihf once again going to try some d8 next thanks again al

  2. RJ Charles (verified owner)

    Nice Big BUDS Some Sticky Some Great Tastes ! ! Would Buy Again ! A Tad Dry Compared Yo The Mendocino Purps LB I I Got Last Special Buy Time ! But Really Good Haven’t Found Any Seeds So Far ! Great To Fire Up Anytime To Relax The Body & Mind ! What’s Not To Enjoy @ This Price ! Try It You’ll Like It ! & Share With Friends !

  3. Dankbud (verified owner)

    IHF you have really outdone yourself this time!!! I Got this and mango kush both were pure bud and no shake but this one had beautiful buds about 2-4 inches long!! 💯

  4. Irene Rudenko (verified owner)

    Really gotta love IHF! A LB of really decent (not dank)green buds, somes purple, definitely carefully trimmed, each and every one! I’m putting on some high quality Terpene extracts from ABSTRAXTECH.COM, ghost train Haze, papaya rosin, king Louie 13th, super sour diesel sauce and fruity pebbles og! Just five lidz to play around with these out of this world truest tasting/smelling terps ever! Make this bud happy!!!!

  5. Renyina Womack (verified owner)

    I love this whole set up, it’s literally so much. Should last me about 4 months! Lol. I’ll order this more often!

  6. Joenocella89


  7. Roger

    Mixed buds can’t go wrong thank u IHF

  8. Tim Smith (verified owner)

    Dense and sticky. Smells great with hints of sour apple and citrus. Smooth smoke. Great for pain, anxiety and relaxation. The only disappointment is the number of seeds. Both bags had buds loaded with seeds. I hadn’t seen this many seeds since the 1980’s! But, at this price I can live with spending some time cleaning.

  9. Walter HAWSE (verified owner)

    Good deal for the price I like this very awesome thank you industrial hemp farm

  10. honeydaboss (verified owner)

    Nice buds , not many seeds

  11. Roger Harmon (verified owner)

    Good deal.

  12. The Hendersons (verified owner)

    Thank you Industrial Hemp Farms! Premium products at a superb price! Helping our entire family , You’re a true lifesaver!

  13. That guy (verified owner)

    Oh, this is good folks. That price too, oh man. Very few seeds, nice buds no shake.

  14. That guy (verified owner)

    Oh yea, nice buds sizewize with very very few seeds; BTW!

  15. That guy (verified owner)

    That guy update:
    Wow, yea “premium” is correct verbage. The price makes me think I’m in a time machine back to the 70’s, fuppin good guys…trust me!

  16. That guy

    Expecting the best:
    From experience here this should be the ticket, I’ll update upon receipt this week. IHF is the best, discretion to customer service questions!

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