Trainwreck Cannabis Strain Review

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Trainwreck Cannabis Strain

Choo, choo – here comes the train! Hurtling at rapid speeds, the Trainwreck strain is one that doesn’t play around. Overpowering and compelling, this cultivar takes you on a journey that first fuels your creativity before crashing you into a wall of relaxation. Its initial fast-paced effects can steam-power you through hours of productive occupation, giving you the motivation and energy to zip past mountains of work. But towards the tail-end, the strain brings you to a total halt as it collides into a sleepy stupor. The result? A total, f*cking trainwreck.

The rapid ascent and descent of effects from full sativa to full indica can make the Trainwreck strain feel just like its name suggests. But don’t worry – its volatile impact can be a wonderful new experience for cannabis enthusiasts willing to play on the railroad.

The Origins of Trainwreck

Trainwreck is almost always known as the parent for both Hoodwreck and Wreckage, but not a lot of people know who its own parents are. That’s mostly because Trainwreck was the result of the intermingling of landraces. A landrace is essentially a strain of cannabis that grew on its own without the touch of human intervention. These strains demonstrate qualities that are the outcome of their native growing conditions and are thus either purely indica or purely sativa in their effects.

Trainwreck’s genetics were formed from the combination of three different landraces. These were the Mexican, Thai, and Afghani cultivars that grew in their respective namesake locations. The two former strains are both pure sativas, while the Afghani is the poster child for indica dominant strains. The result is an explosive tug-of-war between the two ends of the spectrum which is perfectly personified by the Trainwreck strain.

Appearance and Aroma

At a glance, there’s nothing that makes the Trainwreck strain particularly distinct from its peers. Basic grassy greens mixed together with browns and yellows are the typical colors you would expect from a cannabis sample, and that’s precisely what Trainwreck serves up. Its delicate hairs – although not particularly eye-catching – can range from yellow to orange, and they do add some dimension to the overall appeal.

But for as lackluster as the strain’s colorway might be, she makes up for it with her trichome jacket. Bejeweled by thousands of sparkly flecks of sticky resin, the strains trichome coating is extensive and dense. The fuzzy hairs elevate the nugs’ overall look, and makes the strain stand out against other choices on the mid-shelf.

When it does catch your attention and you ask your budtender to crack open the jar so you can get a whiff, expect a fruity herbal scent to come busting down on your olfactories. The strain’s potent nose incorporates some of the most pleasant aromas on the cannabis scene, but the sheer strength of the fragrance makes it mildly offensive, jabbing at the nostrils with the sharp scent of spicy pine among others.

appearance and aroma

Experience and Effects

The taste encounter born from Trainwreck’s smoke is as sharp and venomous as her aroma. Don’t get us wrong – the flavors are definitely lit. The challenge is overcoming the potency of each distinct note. Mint, herb, pine, and citrus all come charging at full speed, delivering a carriage-full of flavor that might overwhelm the taste buds. But as you let the smoke settle and as you exhale the remnants of the drag, the flavor settles down into a very pleasant hum of fruity sweetness.

Then, it’s time to brace yourself for the oncoming creative fever. The first carriage that comes with the Trainwreck’s effects contains a load of cognitive stimulation. A subtle buzz clears away physical discomfort and distress to give you the power to move. The increased cognitive activity breathes life into creativity, putting you into an unstoppable state of productivity. The fast-paced phase can move you a mile a minute, giving you the motivation and willpower to speed through your nagging chores.

But as the effects taper down into the indica corner, you might find yourself slowing down. A generalized feeling of tingly euphoria puts you in a giggly mood as your body begs to be let down into a comfy chair. The smiley, happy disposition can calm down your senses and take you from hypersensitive to almost numb as you slump into a seat with your limbs weighted down by heavy-handed indica properties. Needless to say, the tailend of the encounter should lull you straight to dreamland.

Growing and Processing

Trainwreck is a hardy strain that can survive and thrive even in the most challenging conditions. So growing outdoors shouldn’t be an issue for farmers trying to cultivate a fresh batch of this roller coaster of a cultivar. Its quick finish means that the strain’s growing time won’t drag into the colder seasons of the last quarter of the year. Plus, because it does let off quite a strong smell as it grows, wide open spaces with lots of fresh air should help minimize its impact on your olfactories.

Another thing to think about if you’re aiming to grow your own harvest is the potential for extraction. The process of creating concentrates out of cannabis opens up the possibility for the production of other cannabis-derived products like oils and edibles. In that department, Trainwreck makes an excellent base ingredient, lending a strong cannabinoid profile that showcases the full power of the enourage effect.

Who Is It For?

Nobody wants to get into a trainwreck, but the Trainwreck strain might just change the way you think about that explosive collision. While she might not be suited to those who don’t have the experience, the strain promises an exciting encounter for cannabis connoisseurs who know what to expect. In the same way, it’s creative spark can be a beneficial perk for individuals who might need that extra push to get work done.

Similarly, the Trainwreck strain also works well against a host of daily discomforts and distresses – including difficulty sleeping and lack of desire to eat. Take a bowl of this cultivar and get into a total state of full-body activation that stimulates every inch of your being before putting you to sleep.

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