Mr. Nice Guy Cannabis Strain Review

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Mr. Nice Guy Cannabis Strain

Also called Mr. Nice, the Mr. Nice Guy strain is that laid-back all-around strain that just does wonders for those down-in-the-dumps moments. Named after the most notorious cannabis smuggler of our day and age, the Mr. Nice strain was once made unavailable on the market for about as long as cannabis was categorized a controlled substance.

Today, Mr. Nice Guy is making a comeback. No longer a stranger to our collective consciousness, this strain is stirring the cannabis industry with its mellow, pleasant effects that are guaranteed to make a nice guy out of you.


Origins of the Mr. Nice Guy Strain

The Mr. Nice Guy strain comes from a lineage of super strains. Its blissfully indica-leaning benefits were born from the union of G13 and the Hash Plant – two intriguing cultivars with their own unique stories to tell.

The Hash Plant was first developed when a landrace and a popular hybrid were crossed with one another. The result was the spicy Hash Plant that produces a body-centric blend of effects that focus on lifting away the physical aches and discomforts that make daily life difficult or displeasing.

The second parent is the controversial G13. Originally believed to have been bred by CIA and FBI agents using the best cannabis strains available in the 60’s, G13 is believed to have been the leaked sample of the most potent and controlled confidential cultivar on the market. Now whether those stories are true isn’t something we can be certain of. But what we do know is that G13 possesses genetics that can turn around any sour mood.


Mr. Nice Guy Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The Mr. Nice Guy strain would smell exactly as you expect – nice. The bud lets off a glorious fragrance of mildly bitter herb, mimicking the scent you would get from a newly brewed cup of chamomile tea, steeped a little longer than it should have been. Adding depth to the scent, the tender caress of sweetness like that of a decadent nectar oozes through the herbal scent, making your nose chase after the hints with much gusto and zest.

Other kindly scents peak through the experience. Lemon? Grapefruit? Berry? Cookie dough? It’s hard to tell with so many different elements intertwined against the backdrop of mildly bitter herb. But you best believe the strain can make it immensely difficult to quit taking a sniff.

But not everyone gets to experience the Mr. Nice Guy strain’s aroma, and that’s mostly because they never get passed the exterior. As your average nice guy, the strain isn’t too invested in looks. It doesn’t wear the fancy clothes that make other strains irresistible to buyers. But nonetheless, if you do decide to take a bag of Mr. Nice Guy home, it makes up for its lack of flashy decor with its decadent aroma.


Mr. Nice Guy terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Mr. Nice Guy strain takes its time. Slow to act, the cultivar doesn’t push you into a whirlwind high, and instead gently assists you through the many different phases of the experience. At first, the strain welcomes you with open arms, using its blend of sweet, fruity, herbal flavors to get you to sit down, relax, and take a load off. As the thin smoke swirls through your mouth and down your lungs, the strain’s cannabinoids get started on your system.

The initial effect is mental clarity. While it won’t empty your mind, the lucid cognition resonates with a rhythmic clang of clarity. The slowed cognitive functions prevent racing thoughts and worries from flooding your mind, and make it easier to sense ever bit of your body as the plant continues to grab a hold of your system.

The body is then embraced in a blanket of calm. Without altering your sense of bodily control, Mr. Nice Guy lifts away discomfort to make you feel lighter. Movements require less effort and breathing feels brand new. At the height of the experience, your stomach will start to grumble for hearty food, and your lips will start to stretch as a controlled sense of euphoria puts you in a mellow state of calm.


Mr. Nice Guy Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

For as delightful as the Mr. Nice Guy strain might be, it’s not exactly the easiest strain to grow. The cultivar is rather picky when it comes to growing conditions, thriving best under very specific care practices. Providing as much sun as possible and preventing too much moisture to harbor especially in the soil can help prevent rot and other sorts of contaminants from eating away at the plant.

On the upside, caring for the Mr. Nice Guy strain can be incredibly gratifying nonetheless. For starters, the herb is a fast finisher, taking no more than 7 weeks to reach its maximum maturity. It’s not too tall, which means you can grow the plant in cramped growing conditions without having to worry about limited space. And finally, every foot of the plant’s height can produce over 6 ounces of bud, which is an incredibly fat harvest compared to its peers.

As an extract, Mr. Nice Guy behaves just the same as it does as a smokable herb. Of course, the bitterness of that herbal flavor will shine through as a concentrate, so if you were hoping to process your cannabis to bypass the flavor, then it might be in your best interest to try isolating the cannabinoids instead in order to limit the flavor of the cannabis.


Who Is It For?

Just like your average mister nice guy, the Mr. Nice Guy strain is one that works for all sorts of users. Both veterans and rookies will gain a truly pleasant experience out of the herb’s mellow effects. Keep in mind however that when taken as smoke, Mr. Nice Guy tends to shine through with a little more bitterness than its aroma reveals, so low-tolerance users might find its flavor mildly offensive.

Other than that, Mr. Nice Guy also makes a challenging strain for budding farmers. As a moderately difficult herb to grow, Mr. Nice Guy’s gratifying harvest can be well worth the learning experience delivered by its cultivation process.


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