Mendo Breath Cannabis Strain Review

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Mendo Breath Cannabis Strain

Here’s a perfect example of where a strain becomes far more prominent than its own parents. The Mendo Breath strain might be an up-and-comer, but that hasn’t stopped the herb from rising to higher ranks than its own ancestors. Today, the Mendo Breath strain enjoys relatively impressive popularity that puts it on the shelves of most bud dispensaries throughout the country.

A 90-10 indica-biased herb, the Mendo Breath strain brings together pepper, lemon, and chamomile to override your system with a blend of refreshing, sinus-clearing flavors. But more than that, its soothing chemistry can help you overcome a lifetime of discomfort and aches by lifting away negative energy and see you through to a brand new state of mind and body.


The Origins of the Mendo Breath Strain

Mendo Breath’s parent’s aren’t exactly what you would call a cannabis household name. In fact, they’re pretty much unknown to most users. But as with any other cultivar that’s under the radar of the collective cannabis market, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth the shot. In fact, most times these strains just don’t get the opportunity to sit on your local dispensary’s shelf typically because they’re harder to farm, or because they’re difficult to source as seeds.

Contributing the ‘Breath’ part of the Mendo Breath cultivar, the OG Kush Breath delivers similar effects that are slightly more aggressive than the Mendo Breath herb. Its pure indica dominance expresses itself with the addition of a sleepy stupor that persists throughout the entire experience. Its flavor is also similar, but OG Kush Breath has a stronger gasoline presence that really pierces through and combats with the lemon zest that comes out as the second strongest flavor in the chemistry.

Then, there’s the Mendo Montage herb. Not a lot is known about this herb, and it’s incredibly difficult to find commercially. Nonetheless, we do know that it provides a slightly more lively experience with its soothing calm that mixes together with a giggly euphoria that might also work to unhinge the jaws and make its user feel especially talkative throughout the duration of its effects.


Mendo Breath Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The most noteworthy element of the entire Mendo Breath aesthetic is that it quite literally looks like a personified breath. The wispy leaves don’t pack together the same way that other herbs do, leaving little outstretched leaves that reach out from the central nug to create a wavy, fluid look. On the surfaces, you’ll find what is perhaps one of the most aggressive trichome layers on the cannabis market.

The exaggerated production of fuzz almost blurs out the colors underneath, leaving nothing but traces of green that you might be able to detect by placing the strain under a strong source of light. The orange tendrils also survive the onslaught of snowy covering, making the nug look as though it was retrieved from a frozen forest in the wake of a consuming blizzard.

As you would expect, a strain with such a strong trichome presence would smell pretty robust, and it does. The Mendo Breath strain is one of the varieties that makes its presence known before you even stick your nose in the jar. Its overwhelming scent – characterized by strong hints of lemon, herbs, and a gentle flowery punch – is underlined by a trace of spice that really lines out the nostrils for lingering sinus clarity.


Mendo Breath terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Mendo Breath strain produces a flavorful smoke that’s similar to the scent of burning tea leaves. The taste pours into the throat and attacks the soft tissues, leaving a bit of itchiness in its wake. For beginners, the episode of coughing can be particularly difficult to deal with. But a veteran should be able to see through the stinging with finesse and poise.

After you get over the initial attack on your throat, the strain then works ever so quickly to eliminate the aches and pains that might be weighing down on your wellness. Whether its chronic tension in your back, a leg that always feels like its cramping, or a generalized sense of unwell, the Mendo Breath is beloved for its ability to clear away a variety of discomforts that are usually tough to crack.

For this reason, the Mendo Breath strain has been chosen time and time again as one of the herbs for overall relied. Used by cannabis buyers who struggle with chronic discomfort, aches, and stress, this herb can help relieve all of that and even uplift your mood by giving you a pleasant hint of euphoria for a well-deserved disposition turn around.


Mendo Breath Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Mendo Breath strain can be tough to find as a seed, especially because its parents aren’t all that common. But if you do manage to get your hands on the herb, its ultra easy cultivation makes it an effortless agricultural commodity to have around. Growing seamlessly outdoors, the Mendo Breath strain is one of those ‘sow it and leave it’ strains. Just pop those seeds into the dirt and you’re pretty much an accomplished farmer in about 7 weeks time.

The plant will grow an average of 5 feet in the right conditions, but it will typically be much shorter than that. Yields play around 4 to 5 ounces for every square foot, but there have been reports of some farmers collecting about an ounce less. Sure, it’s an easy commodity to grow, but if you take your time and treat it like an advanced cultivation practice, then you stand the change to get more out of your efforts.


Who Is It For?

If you’re a low tolerance user who just can’t stand a strain that scrapes too harshly against the throat, this one’s not for you. But if you’re hoping to really get rid of an old ache that’s been pestering you since heaven knows when, then that scraping sensation might be a small price to pay. When it all comes right down to it, the Mendo Breath strain is an effective solution against all of those long-standing aches, and it does the job regardless of its slightly aggressive flavor profile.


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