Lemon Octane CBD Hemp Flower

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Lemon Octane Greenhouse CBD Hemp Flower Description:


Introducing Lemon Octane CBD Flower, a premium offering from our industrial hemp farm. This indica-dominant strain is known for itsĀ  potent effects.

Lemon Octane CBD Flower is carefully cultivated and greenhouse-grown in the fertile soils of Southern Oregon. Our expert farmers have nurtured this strain to perfection, resulting in beautifully structured buds that are heavily flocked in sticky trichomes. The vibrant orange pistils add a touch of elegance to the army green to light green color palette, making this flower visually appealing.

Let its deliciously zesty and pungent combination fill you with delightful anticipation, as you embark on a journey of relaxation and well-being. Experience the difference today and discover why Lemon Octane CBD Flower is the perfect choice for those seeking a truly exceptional CBD experience.

Lemon Octane CBD Flower undergoes rigorous third-party testing by a certified lab. This ensures that it contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, making it compliant with legal requirements. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are consuming a safe and reliable product.

1 review for Lemon Octane CBD Hemp Flower

  1. barleyguy (verified owner)

    This stuff is STICKY. You might guess by the cannabinoid percentage, but when I break this up by hand by fingers feel like I’ve been playing with glue. When I wipe them on a paper towel it makes a squeaking noise, that might theoretically be strangely funny if you were high or something.

    The effects of this strain are not my personal preference. In my experience it’s a really heavy feeling strain, like a couch lock feeling but not psychotropic like THC. It seems to be quite good for pain relief though.

    So overall, I give it 4 stars because it’s not my preference. But it is potent and good for relief, so you might like it.

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