Hemper Vendor Review – Everything You Need To Know

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Hemper is a one-of-a-kind subscription service for the hemp lover and connoisseur. It is similar to the subscription boxes that are popular in various other industries, where you get a new box every month with a curated collection of multiple items and products. The highlight is twofold in such a service. The first benefit is the novelty of receiving a new collection of items and products every month. The second is the price. These boxes usually cost a lot less than buying all the included items individually.

Thus, Hemper delivers a novel experience each month to the subscribers of its Hemper Box. This box is a collection of headshop items that usually have some form of glassware such as bongs and pipes, and accessories like rolling paper, filter tips, plugs, caps, wicks, and even stickers and posters. Being a CBD headshop brand, Hemper is, of course, focused on the smoking, dabbing, and vaping culture. So the various items are designed to appeal to the daily needs of a hemp smoking aficionado.

Hemper is also an online multi-brand store that sells CBD hemp and all things related to smoking, vaping, and dabbing hemp. The company is set up to be a one-stop shop for all your hemp and CBD requirements.


Top Products From Hemper

The best-selling product from Hemper is the Hemper Box. It is designed with regular smokers in mind, who want to always be well-stocked on the essentials. However, since not all hemp lovers are heavy smokers, Hemper also has options for customizations so that the light smokers do not get left out. Buyers can choose to receive a Hemper Box at varying intervals, once every month or every three months, or every six months. Subscribers can also change this at any point in time.

There is also a Hemper Pack, a lighter version of the box with 7+ items. In comparison, the standard box has a dozen items and more on average. The smallest subscription is called the Hemper Core Box, and there is also the Hemper Box XL. As the name suggests, the XL is the larger, full-splurge option.

Hemper has also curated some themed boxes such as the Happy Cactus Box, the Flower Bong Box, UFO Bong Box, Cosmic Bong Box, etc. These are available for immediate purchase and are not part of the subscription.

Hemper Vendor Reviews

Coming to the online headshop, hemp lovers are spoilt for choice in every category. There are bongs, glass pipes, dab nails and tools, grinders, vaporizers, rolling papers and wraps, cones, dab rigs, cleaning supplies, smoking accessories, and of course, many CBD products.

The best-selling headshop items include glass bongs, themed boxes, cleaning supplies, and accessories like ashtrays. The top products in the CBD/hemp section include a mix of derivative products and hemp flowers.

The highest-rated CBD product in the Hemper shop is a pack of CBD and CBG cigarillos from Twisted Hemp, followed by Delta-8 THC gummies from 3CHI. Next up are hemp cigarettes from Plain Jane, a Delta-8 THC vape cartridge from 3CHI, Bubba Kush CBD flower from Native Hemp, and more.

These products represent what to expect from the CBD section in the Hemper online store. There are also concentrates, tinctures, topicals, CBD for pets, and regular pre-rolled joints.


What People Are Saying

Hemper has gained a steady stream of buyers and supporters thanks to its fun and unique approach to running a headshop. There are plenty of reviews on the website to s

how that customers are pretty happy with their Hemper box subscriptions, individual products, and themed boxes.

The quality of the products is the key factor here, along with other details like good quality accessories, pleasing aesthetics, fast shipping, and friendly and reliable customer service. Hemper is checking many of the right boxes for the customers, and it shows in third-party review sites like TrustPilot.


However, some of the reviewers complained about not receiving their packages for several weeks after they were due. In some cases, the reviews mention that Hemper did not ship the box even after the 15-20 days waiting period. So it looks like Hemper needs to pay more attention to its logistics.


Hemper Coupons and Discounts

The Hemper boxes themselves are great deals as they offer a significant discount on the combined price of all the items. This includes the themed boxes outside of the subscription boxes. There are also discounted subscription offers on other items in the shop.

There is an affiliate program for those who want to earn commissions for referring customers to Hemper. There are also options for buying products in bulk at wholesale prices.


Hemper Legal Compliance

Hemper only sells legal hemp products with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. However, alt-cannabinoid products like Delta-8 THC may be prohibited in some states. Third-party CBD products sold by Hemper come with their relevant certificates of analysis that are provided by the company that makes them.


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