Hemp Wholesaler – A Complete CBD Vendor Review

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Hemp Wholesaler review

Hemp Wholesaler is a curator of the highest quality CBD and hemp-derived products.  It’s one of the leading wholesale distributors of everything CBD & Hemp across the U.S.  Its mission is to supply hemp shops and CBD dispensaries with quality brand products that sell well.

It has a 50,000-square foot distribution facility based in upstate New York. This facility is where the company stores, stocks, and ships its products. This means it doesn’t drop-ship any product.

The company believes that a retail CBD dispensary cannot succeed without a diversified product line. As such, it has entered into partnerships with major brands and manufacturers in the industry. This is to give its customers an array of wholesale CBD products. Apart from working with major brands, the wholesaler partners with small and niche brands.

Hemp Wholesaler has a blog section with tons of valuable information on its CBD, hemp, and delta-8 products.

Top Products from Hemp Wholesaler

Whatever hemp- or CBD-derived product you’re looking to buy, you can definitely find it at Hemp Wholesaler. The company is focused on CBD and hemp derivatives, as evident in its online inventory listing.  The product range is easy to navigate on the website.  Each major product category is listed and features a drop-down menu for the different product types.

Delta-8 has generally grown in popularity across the U.S. In response to consumer demand, the store has introduced a brand-new section for wholesale delta-8 THC.  Here, you can find a wide product range, including delta-8 cigarettes, disposables, gummies, and edibles. Other product options are vape carts, hemp flower, and even syringes.

Of course, not everyone desires the psychotropic effects associated with delta-8 THC. In this case, the store provides the alternative option of CBD products. Your choice of product will depend on your method of delivery.

If you want to ingest CBD, you can pick the flavorsome gummies or edibles. Another popular method of ingestion is oils and tinctures, which can be administered through a few drops under the tongue.

Hemp Wholesaler’s vape cartridges and shisha offer a unique smoking experience away from the traditional method of lighting up a joint or blunt. For experienced cannabis users who prefer a more potent dose, the store offers CBD concentrates in the form of wax and shatter.

Following the top products are accessories such as grinders, lighters, solvents, and rolling papers. All these serve to elevate your CBD experience to a whole new level.

Hemp Wholesaler products

What People Are Saying

The website has done a fantastic job of adding customer reviews at the bottom section. The store and its products have also appeared on reputable platforms like the New York Times, NBC, TEDx, Fortune, and Forbes.

The customer base of Hemp Wholesaler seems to be conscious about the taste, flavor, and potency of the products that they are buying. This is proven by their detailed reviews of the store’s product line.

The majority of buyers give 5-star ratings to their purchases. There are only a few reviews with 4 stars and 3 stars, and most customers appreciate how the store has everything all under one roof.

Most buyers also mention the great taste, flavor, and the euphoric effects they get from using these products. From the discreet packaging to function, the products match up to the hype.

CBD shops also weigh in by saying how the cartridges and delta-8 gummies from Hemp Wholesaler are bestsellers in their respective stores. These stores have satisfied customers, and the demand has gone up, so they plan on restocking to meet the immense demand.

The company’s customer service is also mentioned in a positive light. The 24-hour quick delivery upon placing an order is particularly a key highlight among the reviews.

Hemp Wholesaler logo

Hemp Wholesaler Coupons and Discounts

The store does not have a rewards program or a loyalty program for its customers at the moment. Instead, it has a clearance sale on various products that might interest you. You can find cartridges, hemp flower, CBD vape juice, CBD shatter, and wax.

The more products you buy, the greater the savings. Also, if you spend more than $450 in the store, you enjoy free shipping across the US.

Hemp Wholesaler Legal Compliance

The company provides certificate of analysis (COA) reports for all its flower products. This means it only works with brands and manufacturers that can stand behind the safety standards of their products. Its quality assurance standards mean customers are getting safe and legal products whenever they shop from the site.

Furthermore, all hemp flower products from Hemp Wholesaler contain less than 0.3% of THC as per the regulations set federally. This is also indicated in the company’s COA reports. All the legal policies and disclaimers are easily accessible at the bottom of their website’s homepage.

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