Cherry #5 Hemp Flower Strain Review

Cherry 5 CBD Hemp Flower for Sale Bulk

Cherry #5 is an Indica dominant hybrid that has quickly become very popular amongst cannabis and hemp flower fans. It is said to have originated from Rifle Colorado and boasts a high CBD level, coming in at and average of 15.9% with a delta-9 THC percentage that is under 0.3%.  For these reasons, Cherry #5 is a hemp flower variety and not a cannabis one.

Cherry #5 is 100% organic as is the case with most cannabis and hemp flower strains out there in the market. So, you do not need to worry about any pesticides or any nasty chemicals.

Hemp strains are tested under 7-point inspection criteria. Everything from the terpene, potency, foreign matter, mycotoxin, heavy metal analysis is done to make sure that it meets the requirements for sale.

Join us in this review of the Cherry 5 strain where we will give you a detailed breakdown and mention the effects and the aroma that this hemp variety comes with.


Cherry # 5 Appearance

Cherry 5 has to be one of the better-looking strains out there currently. With its distinctive bright and vibrant green color, it could be the poster boy for hemp flower. Some lots of Cherry #5 are found to have a darker tinge color to them.

You can also tell Cherry #5 flower apart from other cherry strains by the dense coating of trichomes on the buds. Trichomes are the glossy crystal looking or shiny hair looking growths that grow all over the flower. This is responsible for giving the strain its aroma.

The CBD percentage of this flower, many users find hits the sweet spot. It is not too much neither is it too little.


Taste and Smell

The taste of Cherry 5 flower is quite like any other. How a CBD flower strain tastes also plays a big role in the overall experience a user has. Staying true to its name, Cherry 5 boasts a sweet and smooth taste.

Cherry #5 also has a slight woody hash like undertone to it. Making it quite the tasty little flower. The taste is reminiscent of Colorado in some way. These are very special tasting buds, indeed.

The smell of it is just as much special and distinctive as the taste too. It smells like a mix of smokiness and sweetness. However, these balance each other out and one does not overpower the other in any way.


cherry 5 hemp plants growing outdoors



What effects a particular stain has on its user is often the most crucial determining factor. However, we feel like the best way to judge the effect of a strain is to smoke it. Having said that, if we were to put this experience into words, we would say that the effects of Cherry #5 are quite relaxing and subtle.

It is for this specific reason that the Cherry 5 strain is often recommended for beginners as it’s not something that may turn out to be too much to handle. That is not to say that cannabis and CBD veterans will not have a great experience with Cherry #5 flower.



Overall the Cherry 5 strain is quite the little hemp flower variety. From its looks, taste and smell, it is distinctive and somewhat unique. You will see the effects are also quite enjoyable as well and not so heavy, making it perfect for first-time users and those wanting a nice relaxing feeling.


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