Berry Exotic CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

This lively strain of CBD hemp flower tastes like a treat, boasting strong fruity floral flavors that neutralize bitterness. This intertwines with the flavors of spice and pepper, making it a wonderful starting strain for those sensitive to the bitterness of other, more earthy options. Berry Exotic is an indica strain, which means it produces calming effects that sedate the body and clear the senses for a truly relaxing experience.

Brightly colored light green nugs with orange veins and deep purple undertones make the Berry Exotic a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the nose and taste. Engaging all of your senses, this CBD hemp flower might be ideal for nighttime use, when relaxation and tranquility are most needed.

Berry Exotic CBD hemp plants growing in green house

The Effects of Berry Exotic CBD

Indica-dominant strains are better known for their relaxing and calming effects. Preferred by those who might struggle with cognitive and physical stress, indica strains are powerfully effective when it comes to clearing up your mental bandwidth and lifting away physical tension that might cause restlessness.

The Berry Exotic CBD hemp flower is the perfect example of indica’s potent benefits for relaxation. The strain can clear away mental clutter, giving rise to clarity and tranquility that hushes racing thoughts and overthinking. In terms of physicality, the Berry Exotic CBD hemp flower helps to reduce physical discomfort, giving rise to conditions that are more conducive for rest and sleep.

While it would be easy to drift away into dreamland on a single dose of Berry Exotic, it’s worth mentioning that the effects won’t produce that ‘couch lock’ effect. The Berry Exotic’s blend of CBD and terpenes still keep you in control, so you can maintain a slow and steady pace of productivity after a dosage.

Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect strain. Individuals who might want to get their daily duties and tasks done might be better off with a sativa-dominant strain that improves alertness and concentration. While Berry Exotic will keep you aware and awake, the sedative effects may slow you down, having an impact on the amount of work you finish.

closeup of Berry Exotic CBD hemp bud

The Berry Exotic Flavor Profile

Straight out of the bag, what you’ll notice about the Berry Exotic CBD hemp flower is that it has a very strong fruity floral scent to it. The lively fragrance intertwines with notes of spice and pepper, giving a slight sting after a few whiffs. Taken in as smoke, the flavors become even more prominent, with citrus and blueberry swirling together to create a very pleasant, aromatic experience that might be better for those who can’t handle the gasoline bitterness of other indica strains.

The Berry Exotic strain takes a while to manifest the results it promises. The gradual change could take a few minutes to reach its maximum. But once it does, the feeling lingers at a manageable level throughout the course of the substance’s effects. The light, airy feeling is easy and carefree, allowing just enough clarity to help you get through your day slow and steady minus the mental and physical nuances.

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