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Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower Review

As with most other exotic sounding hemp flower strains, there are numerous myths surrounding the origins of Hawaiian Haze. Some fans of this hemp flower have gone so far as to suggest Hawaiian Haze was first developed on the mineral-rich volcanic soil in the Aloha State. This would account, supposedly, for this strain’s pronounced tropical flavors and powerful effects. 


We don’t know exactly where Hawaiian Haze was first developed, but we do know it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. The two strains that make up Hawaiian Haze are (surprise, surprise) Hawaiian and Haze.


hawaiian haze cbd flower bud

Flavor Profile: Hawaiian Haze

With a name like Hawaiian Haze, you’d better believe this strain packs a pungent punch in the flavor department. Many users immediately pick up on this strain’s fruity flavors, which are highly reminiscent of tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes. As you take a bit more time to smell this strain, however, you’ll also detect subtle notes of pine, guaiacum, and even a pinch of pepper.

The most pronounced terpene in Hawaiian Haze is myrcene, which shouldn’t come as a shock since myrcene is naturally found in mangoes. Supporting terpenes like alpha-pinene and guaiol add hints of earthy and floral flavors, respectively. Although Hawaiian Haze can’t be classified as spicy, a touch of the peppery beta-caryophyllene is present in this strain.


Look and Feel

As for appearance, Hawaiian Haze is known for its thin leaves and light green color. Oftentimes you could also see thin streaks of orange wrapping around a nug of this strain.

Once users get Hawaiian Haze into their hands, they often describe it as extremely light and delicate. Hawaiian Haze isn’t reputed for being the densest of hemp strains on the market.


The Effects Of Hawaiian Haze

People who take Hawaiian Haze often report a heady sensation. It’s not uncommon for this strain to make people especially chatty and highly energized. For these reasons, it’s best to take Hawaiian Haze earlier in the day to avoid it interfering with a user’s sleep cycle.


Buy Hawaiian Haze by IHF LLC

At Industrial Hemp Farms (IHF LLC), we take pride in producing the highest-quality Hawaiian Haze nugs at our eco-friendly facility. Based in Colorado, IHF is fully compliant and licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. All of our hemp flowers are thoroughly screened by Denver-based Botanacor Laboratories to ensure THC content is no higher than 0.3 percent. With IHF’s Hawaiian Haze in your hands, you can rest easy knowing you have a high-quality, sustainably grown hemp product.


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