Binoid CBD Vendor Review

According to its website, Binoid is your best source for the highest quality and effective products made from hemp-derived CBD and Delta 8 THC. Based in Los Angeles, California the people at Binoid are dedicated to providing customers with CBD and Delta 8 products they can both trust and enjoy.

Since launching in 2018, the priority of the people at Binoid was to create fun, unique, and effective products that were derived from the hemp plant. Binoid believes that hemp cannabinoids should be a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle – even to the point that it is in the name. Binoid’s mission is to empower this movement by providing exceptional hemp products that are as enjoyable as they are good for you, with zero compromises on quality and ingredients.

Binoid works with local hemp farmers in the evergreen state of Oregon to grow its unique phytocannabinoid-rich hemp plants with the best plant genetics, high cannabinoid concentrations, and beneficial terpenes. The company chose Oregon because it is the prime location to grow and extract CBD due to the ideal weather, nutrient-rich soil, and local farming knowledge.

BINOI CBD vendor

Top Products from Binoid

Binoid stocks a wide range of products derived from the hemp plant. Its range of broad-spectrum hemp extract has been carefully formulated and re-formulated for over two years to achieve the perfect broad-spectrum cannabinoid formula. This includes the most pure major and minor cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC as well as terpene profiles that are preserved during extraction. Its products are completely free of THC, which is removed during the process.

The people at Binoid  take pride in providing customers with the highest quality ingredients for its premium CBD and Delta 8 THC products. The company claims that its products allow people to experience the combined bliss of beneficial cannabinoids for their better living. Its wide product range includes Delta 8 THC vapes, Delta 8 THC gummies, Delta 8 THC tinctures, Delta 8 THC capsules, day and night CBD oils, water-soluble CBD oil, CBD gummies, and CBD topicals. With a range like that, it is no wonder that Binoid is one of the most popular vendors in the industry.

What People Are Saying

There are not many reviews for Binoid, but the ones that are out there seem to mostly heap praise on the company. Generally, most customers seem to agree that the company is a trustworthy operator, referring to the quality of its products and the consistency with how they are listed on the website compared to what the customer receives when they purchase them.

Customers also seem to appreciate the transparent and honest position that Binoid takes, as evidenced by the sheer amount of information on its website about its products and its lab testing method.

Despite this glowing praise, the customer service seems to be what most people are really impressed with. One reviewer stated that it was some of the best customer service she had ever received from an online CBD vendor and that she would continue to shop there because it was such a pleasant, personalized experience. Another customer stated that, even though the delivery of his order took longer than expected, the customer service team at Binoid went out of their way to ensure that he eventually did receive his order.

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Binoid Coupons and Discounts

Like many other CBD vendors in the industry, Binoid gives customers the opportunity to save money on their purchases when they first visit the website. Customers are shown a popup upon their first visit, which gives them the chance to take 10 percent off their first order if they sign up for the company’s email newsletter. This is not out of the ordinary, and many online CBD vendors offer the same discount. The ones that offer a slightly larger discount are usually the ones that stand out from the crowd; however, the high-quality products and impressive customer service do a good enough job of this, meaning Binoid probably does not need to offer larger discounts.

Binoid Legal Compliance

Binoid has strict policies and procedures to ensure it complies with all legal requirements on hemp-derived THC, which currently stands at a legal limit of 0.3% THC. This limit was outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill that officially legalized hemp-derived THC in the United States. These policies and procedures include third-party lab testing, which is available for all of its products. This means customers can enjoy peace of mind when purchasing any CBD product and be reassured that it contains less than 0.3% THC. Not only that, but it also offers plenty of information and advice surrounding the legalities of hemp products on its home page, indicating that transparency and honesty are something that it values most.

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