Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

With the same lip puckering sourness as the quintessential childhood candy we all know and love, Lemon Drop CBD hemp flower offers a distinct flavor on top of its alerting effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid boasts a strong lemon flavor that’s enveloped in a thick earthy taste. It’s best used in situations that call for increased energy levels and alertness, lending its user a sense of productivity, motivation, and creativity to support work and other tasks.



The Effects of Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Flower

As a stimulating strain, Lemon Drop manifests its effects mere minutes after taking a toke. The cultivar’s powerful alerting effects are noticeable almost instantly, giving you a perkier, more vibrant demeanor that’s perfect for setting the pace of a hectic day. The strain is also known to stimulate creativity, making it easier to formulate thoughts and ideas that are necessary throughout your day.


Lemon Drop CBD hemp plants growing in green house


Physically, the Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Flower can provide temporary comfort against a range of nuances. Most typically, those who enjoy Lemon Drop claim that it works best for physical discomfort and tension, lifting away feelings of tiredness and stress to make it easier for you to move in support of your cognitive activity.

Keep in mind though, Lemon Drop tends to vary from phenotype to phenotype. Although most variations will manifest these effects, they’re not the same across the board. There are some indica-dominant Lemon Drop variations out there that produce the exact opposite of these alerting results. So it pays to know what you’re buying.

Is there a way to know whether you’re buying indica or sativa-dominant Lemon Drop CBD hemp flower? Well, aside from asking your seller, there’s no other way to know than simply trying the strain. If you find a specific variation of Lemon Drop that you prefer, you might want to continue buying from the same retailer to avoid any changes to the effects you reap.



The Flavor Profile of Lemon Drop CBD Hemp Flower

The parent strains that make the Lemon Drop CBD hybrid are widely unknown. It’s flavor indicates that aside from a citrusy parent strain, it may also be closely linked with a more earthy, piney ancestor that shines through its flavor profile. What you’ll notice first when you take a drag of the Lemon Drop strain is that it’s exceptionally clean.

The smoke is light, easily dissipating and preventing the thick flavor of char from overpowering your tastebuds. The earthy taste is subtle, and gasoline is only but a hint in the backdrop of the hemp flower’s complete flavor. What you will notice is the lip-smacking taste of citrus that hits the tastebuds hard.


closeup of Lemon Drop CBD hemp bud

The citrus flavor is exceptionally pronounced, but doesn’t leave an odd aftertaste in its wake. For that reason, the Lemon Drop is a quick flavor experience. It comes and goes after each toke and doesn’t leave a trail of flavor as it leaves your mouth and nostrils.

If anything, the Lemon Drop taste might be ideal for those who prefer CBD hemp that doesn’t leave that thick taste of burnt leaves in your mouth. Light and airy, the flavor profile is strong and substantial, but also fleeting, clearing your mouth of any taste as soon as you’ve expelled the smoke.

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