Honolulu Haze CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

For anyone who’s feeling a little overwhelmed with the impact of daily nuances on their lives, Honolulu Haze is the perfect solution. Imparting a feeling of strong relief against tension – both cognitive and physical – Honolulu Haze can take you straight to paradise the moment you take a toke.

The sativa-leaning strain can give you that feeling of relaxed well-being, without locking you down on your sofa. So if you’re just hoping to get away from it all and bask in the peace and calm of an empty mind and a lightweight physicality, then maybe Honolulu Haze deserves a spot in your growing hemp flower stash.
Honolulu Haze CBD hemp plants growing in field


Where Does Honolulu Haze Come From?

The Honolulu Haze strain hemp flower was birthed from the union of Hawaiian Haze and AF6. The former is a sweet, earthy hybrid beloved for its sativa-leaning effects. The Hawaiian Haze strain sports a musty, woody flavor that blends together with a strong sweetness for a delectable taste experience. The other parent strain – AF6 – is fairly rare, but what we do know is that it boasts strong sativa effects that mix together with mild indica effects for a calm and controlled buzz.


The Effects of Honolulu Haze

As though living up to its name, the Honolulu Haze strain imparts powerfully relaxing effects that will make you want to sit still in silence for several hours. The strain starts off with a slight heady buzz that clarifies the mind and frees away cognitive clutter. As the buzz travels down your spine and through your system, it slowly lifts away physical stress and discomfort. As a result, you’ll feel lighter, easier, and calmer.

The effects last pretty long, and you’ll likely feel the preference to just take a seat and relax. What’s nice is that the effects won’t cease productive thought or control. You’ll still be in charge of all the thoughts that pop into your head, and you’ll be fully capable of socializing and doing all the typical things you do – just that you’re in a state of heightened calm.

So, if you’ve tried more potent strains in the past, then the Honolulu Haze might be a welcome relief. This well-rounded strain puts you in control, but makes sure that you’re comfortable and nuance-free for a truly relaxing experience.



The Honolulu Haze Taste Profile

closeup of Honolulu Haze CBD hemp bud

Much of the strain’s taste comes from the Hawaiian Haze parent strain. Sweet and earthy, the smoke wraps your taste buds in flavors that represent all ends of the spectrum. The sweetness is most remarkable, tickling your tongue and making you want to drag even more to chase the subtle taste. As the smoke glides over your tongue, the bitterness of earth and soil start to take over, giving off the taste of moist, fresh cut grass.

The tail end is again, a subtle sweetness that makes for a great way to end the drag. All in all, the flavors are well proportioned, and they work great to create a multi-dimenstional experience. Not too overpowering or mild, the Honolulu Haze Taste can please both veterans and beginners.


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