Creme De La Creme CBD Hemp Flower

Creme De La Creme CBD Hemp Flower is a powerful, pleasant, and potent Indica dominant strain. Its aroma is intoxicating and its physical effects do not disappoint. It will help an individual feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed and will ward off physical pains. It also has shown promise when it comes to relieving anxiety and stress.


The Origins of the Creme De La Creme Strain

Creme De La Creme is organically grown indoors in soil. It’s also known as Cherry Creme Brulee and is bred by Alpine Genetics, this popular strain offers sweet and cheesy diesel notes and contains between 18.3%-21.5% CBD.

Creme De La Creme is carefully grown in open-top coco bags. This unique high-CBD strain combines the terpenes of Cherry Afghan and Z7 which was made famous by the CBD Crew.

One of the parent plants, Cherry Afghan, offers pleasant effects on both the mind and body. It’ll leave you completely relaxed from head to toe.

The other parent, Z7, has high levels of the terpene myrcene, which is a natural pain reliever. This CBD-rich strain has been known to effectively reduce pain and inflammation. It’s perfect for both daytime and evening use.

Creme De La Creme was originally referred to and sold under the name “Berry Blossom.” The strain was sold to growers around the globe with corresponding COAs, only to be discontinued due to a mix-up in names. The terpene profile truly captures the cherry terpenes unique to its parent, Cherry Afghan.

cremedela creme cbd hemp flower

Aroma and Appearance

The terpene profile of Creme De La Creme is modest and you get hints of fresh floral arrangements. These CBD buds are fantastic for reducing feelings of pain, stress, and anxiety. A great way to start any day, Creme De La Creme Hemp Flower will provide you with relief and smooth relaxation will wash over you.

As the name implies, you can expect rich and decadent whipped cream flavors followed by hints of vanilla, earth, and spice. The cheesy undertones really give this nug a “white-chocolate” sort of taste on the exhale.

Its buds are beautifully dense and tight, featuring various shades of green along with very noticeable long orange hairs and an impressive blanket of frosty trichomes. With so many trichomes you can expect a sticky-finger feel with this strain.

Some users report a strong fuel and cherry flavor, while others pick up the spicy and sweet notes. Regardless of what your palate picks up, Creme De La Creme will leave you satisfied.

Experience and Effects

Creme De La Creme is definitely an evening strain, as it induces body-melting relaxation and a sense of calmness and warmth because of its Indica roots. It’s a hard-hitting, heavy, and drowsy strain. Maybe not the best choice for someone to smoke in the morning when they have a long to-do list.

On the other hand, this strain is favored for its nighttime benefit of helping a user feel sedated and sleepy. Climbing into bed will sound like heaven after you take a toke of Creme De La Creme.

This strain is especially helpful for physical aches and pains, anxiety, and stress. It provides users with a numbing sensation that is great for nipping pain in the bud, while also helping an individual fall asleep. Those who suffer from joint and muscle pain will benefit greatly from smoking a bowl of this special hemp flower, as it is great for easing tension and pain related to certain conditions such as arthritis.

Those who struggle with restlessness or insomnia may find Creme De La Creme CBD Hemp Flower to be of great assistance when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. This heavy Indica-dominant strain will ease you into a comforting, deep sleep.

The smoking experience is described as smooth and easy on the lungs, while the effects creep up quickly and hit you hard. If you are looking for a pleasant experience when it comes to smoking, Creme De La Creme is a great option as it isn’t as harsh or cough-inducing as some other available CBD strains on the market.

The terpenes are not only responsible for the aromas that are present in this strain; they are responsible for activating the powerful entourage effect that makes this strain especially therapeutic. Three of the main terpenes include:

This terpene is known for its heavy “couch-lock“ effects that are relaxing, calming, and sedating. It helps users feel comfortable and sleepy.

This terpene helps manage inflammation-related issues, such as aches, pains, and general discomfort. It can help fight off muscle tension, joint pain, and other bodily pains.

This terpene provides beneficial anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It helps with general aches and pains.

If you are looking for an appealing hemp flower that smokes well, will help you relax, and control your pain, Creme De La Creme is an ideal choice.

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