Cherry Sweet CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

From the name itself, it’s easy to tell that Cherry Sweet can be a treat for flavor-specific buyers. This fruity strain greets the sense with a strong cherry flavor laced with the aftertastes of cheese and pepper to give users one really wild kick. As an indica-dominant strain, most of the Cherry Sweet’s effects center on the suppression of the senses and thoughts, paving the way for a relaxing experience that’s ideal for nighttime use.

Cherry Sweet hemp flower has become exceedingly popular in the market because of its unique flavor profile and pleasant effects. Formed out of the union of two of the most iconic strains available, Cherry Sweet joins some of the best qualities of the Cherry Cherry and Sweet strains to bring you a unique cultivar for relaxation.


Cherry Sweet CBD hemp plants growing in green house

Where Does Cherry Sweet Come From?

Cherry Sweet was born out of the marriage of two well-known parent strains. The first – Cherry Cherry – lends Cherry Sweet its iconic flavor profile that puts the taste of sweet berries front and center. The second – Sweet – enhances the fruity, citrusy taste of Cherry Cherry to create a truly light and tasty treat in the form of Cherry Sweet.

Together, these hybrids create an indica-dominant strain that’s ideal for nighttime use. Cherry Sweet makes the perfect companion for those who might have to wrestle with their minds and bodies to get a decent night’s sleep.


The Effects of Cherry Sweet

As you take the first toke, you’ll notice that the Cherry Sweet strain has a lighter, thinner smoke that courses through your mouth and down your throat with little resistance or friction. The smoke easily dissipates as well, preventing that thick, dry feeling from overpowering your mouth.

Initially, Cherry Sweet will be slow to take effect. The subtle changes will gradually heighten over time, and then will all of a sudden take your system all together. The effects include a light, carefree mentality that takes away the burdens and clutter of daily thoughts and stress. Then, the substance moves on to lift away tension and stress from your body, helping you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Cherry Sweet hemp flower may make you feel lightheaded and sleepy, encouraging better rest for those who might have trouble falling asleep. The strain also makes a particularly good choice for individuals seeking some rest and relaxation after a stressful day navigating the world.


closeup of Cherry Sweet CBD hemp bud

The Cherry Sweet Flavor Profile

What many love about Cherry Sweet is its delectable flavor. The fruity, citrusy strain blends together blueberries and lemons to give you a medley of fruit flavors that entangle the tongue. Subtle hints of sharp cheese and pepper also take jabs at your taste buds, making way for a lively, energetic flavor profile that’s an experience all on its own.

A deep earthy flavor wraps all of these delectable notes together into one cohesive taste that swirls around the mouth for a pleasant smoking experience. While it isn’t quite as intense as other strains in terms of flavor, the light symphony of fruit and gasoline does make it pleasantly satisfying in its own right.


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