Cannatonic CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Short, sweet, and to the point, the Cannatonic CBD hemp flower strain has gained significant popularity among users seeking a quick pick-me-up. The cultivar is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces suppressant effects that aid in sleep and relaxation. While its flavor isn’t quite as unique or desirable as that of other strains, the Cannatonic cultivar makes up for it with its distinct effects that make it a great choice for most buyers.

Born from the combination of an indica-dominant hybird and a full-fledged indica strain, Cannatonic does its name justice by providing users a hard-hitting suppression that calms the mind, the senses, and the body for a completely restful experience.

Cannatonic CBD hemp plants growing in green house

Where Does Cannatonic Come From?

Cannatonic was developed by breeding female MK Ultra and male G13 Haze. The result is a powerful indica-dominant strain that hits hard, despite only lasting for a short amount of time. The G13 Haze parent strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that was bred for maximum potency, while the MK Ultra is an award-winning full indica strain that’s beloved for its meditative effects that lighten the head and ease away tension.

The Effects of Cannatonic CBD Hemp Flower

If there’s one thing about the Cannatonic strain that most users love, it’s the cultivar’s fast-acting effects. After the first take, the substance will take mere minutes to engulf the body in its potent effects which are quintessential to indica strains. As the CBD courses through your system, your head becomes lighter and thoughts will tend to slow down. Mental clutter is cleared away, making room for clarity and peace of mind for rest and relaxation.

The body effects of the Cannatonic strain are equally potent. As the name suggests, this cultivar can put the body in a state of steadiness, slowing down movement by encouraging a more even respiratory rate. For some, Cannaotonic might be so strong that it puts the person in a state of couch lock for its entire duration.

But despite being impeccably strong, the effects of the Cannatonic cultivar can only last so long. The impact of the strain is incredibly short lived, maxing out an hour after use. So if you were hoping for a quick episode of rest in between a hectic day of rapid thoughts and physical tension, then Cannatonic can bring you down to a state of calm for just the right length of time.

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The Cannatonic Flavor Profile

Quick and easy, Cannatonic doesn’t really focus so much on the fancy bells and whistles as much as it does on the actual effects. So you can’t really expect a lot of flavor from this strain. If anything, the taste is earthy and woody, with very minor citrus notes that tickle the taste buds. Of course, it’s not quite as enjoyable if you were hoping for a unique flavor experience. But that’s not exactly what Cannatonic claims to bring to the table anyway.

All in all, this fast-acting strain with short-lived effects makes the perfect choice for those moments when you just don’t have a lot of time to spare. That said, it’s flavor won’t eat up a lot of your attention and time either, giving you a straightforward, no-nonsense CBD hemp flower flavors that just get the job done.

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