Boax CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Well-balanced and controlled, Boax is a strain that’s great for all users of varying needs and standards. This all-around cultivar boasts a versatile range of terpenes that give it well-rounded effects and a crystallized resin that opens up the opportunity for creating your own oils and extracts at home.

Boax is a high CBD strain that comes from the Otto II and the Hindu Kush. This marriage of potent parent strains results to a powerful yet controlled strain that transcends the needs and preferences of a wide array of users from all walks of life.

closeup of Boax CBD hemp bud

Where Does Boax Come From?

Boax is the end result of the union between the popular indica strain, Hindu Kush, and the iconic hybird, Otto II. The former, named after the 500 mile stretch of mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan, expresses a thick, earthy, sandalwood flavor that calms the body and relaxes the senses. The Otto II – also known as the One to One – is well-known for its 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, giving it distinct effects that envelope both mind and body for an elevated mood and restful relaxation.

The Effects of Boax

Boax is a special hybrid that sits right smack in the middle of indica and sativa in terms of its effects. Fast-acting, this strain results to an interesting combination of effects that make it a truly unique experience, even for the most seasoned CBD users. From the first sniff, you’ll notice the strong scent of sandalwood – a common feature between both of Boax’s parent strains.

The main impact of Boax is relaxation. A single bowl can help relieve a number of physical and cognitive nuances, giving rise to a sense of well-being and calm that immerses your body in a collected cool. Along with this comes a heightened level of concentration, letting you focus more effectively without being distracted.

Now, depending on the specific phenotype of Boax you’ve purchase, you may experience heightened creativity, energy, and mood, or a sense of slight euphoria, sleepiness, and hunger. This all depends on which parent strain was dominant through the breeding of the cultivar.

What Does Boax Taste Like?

On your first drag, the overpowering taste of wood and earth will swirl around your mouth, taking over your taste buds and tickling your throat. As you exhale, subtle notes of lemon and citrus fruit start to jab at your tongue, adding dimension and depth to the one-note flavor profile that the strain starts off with.Boax CBD hemp plants growing in green house

In totality, you can’t really say that Boax’s flavor profile is anything that sets it apart. But even then, the strong flavors topped off with a citrus finish can be a pleasant experience for CBD purists who want the classic taste of hemp flower.

On that note, it might be wise for those with low tolerance to check out other options before copping a nug of Boax. If taste is an issue, then the overpowering bitterness of wood and earth might throw off your senses and dampen the experience. But if you were looking for well-rounded effects without a care for taste, then Boax makes a suitable choice.

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