Acid Rock Hemp Flower Strain Review

Buy Acid Rock Hemp FlowerAcid Rock is probably one of the prettiest and most adorable hemp flowers out there. For non-hemp flower enthusiasts, calling a hemp strain adorable can seem corny. But someone who has seen this flower in person would probably agree.

Acid Rock stands out a lot compared to other flowers due to its very distinct taste and smell. The genetic origins of the hemp strain are quite interesting. The hemp flower is a new take on the classic New York Soul Diesel Strain.

The Acid Rock strain has medium to high CBD content and low THC, with delta-9 THC upon harvest coming in around 0.3%. The average CBD percentage of Acid Rock buds is around 14%, which isn’t that high compared to other hemp flower strains.


Acid Rock Flower Appearance

Acid Rock bud has a unique fuzzy look to it which makes it seem very inviting and tasteful. The features that amplify this are the orange-ish or strawberry blonde hairs covering the buds, giving a truly inimitable highlight. An experienced enthusiast should easily be able to tell Acid Rock flower apart from others.


Taste and Smell

The smell and taste of Acid Rock are what influenced the name of this hemp flower. The scent is unlike any other and make no mistake, it is quite strong! It smells apologetically pungent and has a subtle hit of gasoline musk.

Flavor-wise, Acid Rock bud is quite strong and has an earthy taste combined with a very balanced citrus flavor. The flavor profile is courtesy of the heritage the flower has, which also gives birth to its high terpenoid content.

In a nutshell, the taste of Acid Rock can be described as sharp which is nothing bad in this context. On the contrary, it’s quite impressive, to say the least. Acid Rock hemp flower takes you on a roller coaster ride of flavor from the beginning till the very end. You will surely remember the experience for a long time to come.



acid rock hemp flower plants


Strain Genetics and History

The Acid Rock hemp strain was first bred and cultivated by Chimney Rock Farms. The strain was made by breeding two hybrids, Suzy Q and River Rock Hybrid. Acid Rock has been developed for three years and its breeding process has produced a strain that thrives in the Mediterranean and dryer climates.

The strains’ breeders are equally as important as the bud itself. A bud with a good heritage and noble breeders is respected everywhere. Chimney Rock Farms has successfully been running a professional operation of aquaponics where they also happen to grow really good quality cannabis strains too. Chimney Rock made the switch from growing fruits and vegetables back in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since.

They pride themselves in breeding organic hemp strains that are not genetically modified. Apart from producing quality hemp strains like Acid Rock, Chimney Rock Farms is also involved in the field of research. Their research includes commendable fields like farm energy production and also regenerative farming practices. This initiative for a more sustainable and safer farming method is very praiseworthy indeed.

Chimney Rock Farms grows hemp for nutraceutical companies who also require full-spectrum oils which are high in cannabinoids such as CBD. Having such a clientele, Chimney Rock Farms maintains above industry-standard quality control and also practices a very transparent supply chain operation.


Wrapping up

Overall, Acid Rock is truly a special type of hemp flower strain. Its unique appearance makes it stand out from the rest of the strains out there in the market. The user reviews of the strain speak for itself, which at the end of the day,  is the best source of information that you can find on a strain. From the potent earthy and citrus flavor profile to the unforgettable scent, the Acid Rock strain is truly exceptional and one of the best flowers out there right now.


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