Delta 8 Gel Capsules, 25mg – 60ct

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25mg Delta 8 Gel Capsules with Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids and Terpenes, 60 per bottle. Each capsule is made with MCT Coconut Oil in a gelatin shell. Our gel capsules are made using phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extracts that are among the purest in the world, using 100% natural United States-grown hemp.

Fractionated Coconut MCT Oil, Delta 8 Distillate, Gelatin, Purified Water, Glycerin

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14 reviews for Delta 8 Gel Capsules, 25mg – 60ct

  1. Shadowslayer147 (verified owner)

    Bangers. Hit like rocks.

  2. texasboss (verified owner)

    great product, and at this price I’m not complaining!

  3. Derek (verified owner)

    These are a blessing for sure. Im a chronic patient and ever since I found these I’ve been taking 2 every day. I gave some to my PT and a neighbor and they love them also. FYI if you crack open the capsule and let the oil hang out under your tongue and inside your mouth for a minute or more then you will start doing that every time you take it because of the enhanced absorption and upload into your system. Just be careful not to crack your teeth because they can kinda pop. Again this product is a Godsend.

  4. Nathan Boyd (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price too.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    These capsules are pretty good, I’d reccomend 3 if you have a decent tolerance. Make sure not to overdo it with these (as it’s pretty easy to overdo). I’d reccomend. 8/10

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    These are pretty good, make sure not to overdo it (as that’s pretty easy to do with these things). Overall id say 8/10, would reccomend

  7. Jafet Diaz Romero (verified owner)

    I bought these because I receive multiple benefits from delta8. But I bought two one worked the other bottle like some other review said is more like cbd not delta 8. They sent a replacement but its the same thing. I was told about tolerance but that os def not the case.

  8. guy (verified owner)

    Did not seem like delta 8. More like cbd gel caps. Also, kind of a red-flag when the “nutritional facts” can hardly be read and list no fat despite the coconut oil being listed in the ingredients (and filling the gel caps)

  9. Nick Rueschhoff (verified owner)

    I ate 1 and was done. Too strong for me. I am giving the rest away. Next time I’ll get gummies so I can take a smaller dose.

  10. Paul Baron (verified owner)

    I didn’t think they worked after trying several. One needs to crush the capsule in one’s teeth. Then it works very well. Another winner.

  11. Will T (verified owner)

    Awesome product and for the price to quantity ratio, can’t beat it elsewhere! Nice effects felt at 4 – 6 caps. Highly recommend these! 👍

  12. Motherfucker1984 (verified owner)

    These delta-8 softgel capsules are awesome for the price and amount you receive

  13. Jeremy Wheatley (verified owner)

    I had high hopes for these capsules and I wasn’t severely disappointed. The caps are small and flavorless and the quantity is fair. I personally needed 4 to feel my desired effect but there should be noticeable effects at the recommended dose of 2 capsules. A light buzz with body relaxation and mental clarity and a fierce appetite. 😀

    Great for medicating without the odor or mess, just wish they were stronger. But bioavailability being what it is, they are right on point. Good stuff. Thanks IHF!

  14. Damon Brown

    These are a good way to use your delta 8 you only need about 5 capsules to really fill the effects

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