Wholesale CBG Hemp Biomass

Buy or sell CBG biomass from industrial hemp farms IHF LLC is currently a top wholesaler of premium CBG hemp biomass. With the current cannabinoid market expanding, CBG products are becoming ever more popular. The market demand for high CBG hemp biomass surged after the 2018 farm bills passing and it does not show signs of slowing down in the immediate future.

Our wholesale CBG hemp biomass for sale is hand shucked and sourced from farms across Colorado, Oregon and other hemp-producing states. IHF LLC does not broker and carries the stock directly at our warehouse in Colorado Springs. Buyers are always welcome to come tour our facilities to inspect the goods in person.

CBD Hemp Biomass vs CBG Biomass

At Industrial Hemp Farms we carry both CBG and CBD hemp biomass. The difference is in the respective level of cannabinoids. CBD biomass has lower levels of CBG and CBG biomass respectively has lower levels of CBD content.

CBG biomass is for the extraction of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBG distillates as well as isolates. On the contrary, CBD biomass is used to extract CBD isolate and distillates. CBG is more expensive than CBD in both dry material and extract form. Hence, the cost per pound is much greater than regular biomass.

Buying CBG Biomass

The quality and content of our CBG hemp biomass depends on which lots we have in stock at the time. We typically carry biomass with CBG levels well above 8%. The lots are priced accordingly to quality and market demand. Please reach out to a member of our sales team to learn more now.

Selling CBG Biomass

If you are a farmer or broker, IHF LLC will gladly arrange to purchase your CBG biomass if the price and terms are agreeable. Please have your proper legal documents and COAs ready to avoid delays on a quote when reaching out to us. Reach out to our sales team here to learn more about selling your CBG biomass to us.

CBG Flower, Trim and CBG Isolate

IHF LLC carries premium CBG hemp flower, trim and CBG isolate. If you are looking for high-quality CBG hemp in bulk, you can bet on us to deliver the most affordable pricing. Call our sales term to inquire more about all of our CBG hemp wholesale products for sale.