What is CBD Hemp Kief and How to Use It

You know about CBD hemp flowers, but you’re wondering what this thing called CBD kief could be. You’ve seen tiny jars of powder labeled kief or pollen at your local dispensary. And you’ve noted the hefty price tag for such a minuscule amount. What is this stuff anyway? 

Do you see that sticky, crystalline layer that coats your hemp buds? If you were to look at it under a powerful magnifying glass or microscope, you would notice that the crystals appear similar to tiny, elongated mushrooms. These little fellows are called trichomes. 

what is cbd hemp kief?

What is CBD Kief

They’re the resin glands that hemp plants use to protect themselves from pesky insect predators. Trichomes produce and store all of the goodies in cannabis plants, including terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD

Manufacturers extract kief by sifting cannabis buds through screens to isolate the trichomes. The best CBD kief carries the label of 99% sift, meaning that the resulting powder contains nearly pure trichome heads. That tiny jar of CBD kief with the high price tag contains nearly pure active ingredients!

Collecting CBD Kief at Home

It’s better to leave the 99% sift to the experts, but you can certainly collect CBD kief at home. The easiest way to start collecting kief is to buy a bud grinder that includes a kief catcher or buy a special kief scraper tool. Let’s look at the anatomy of a simple kief-catching grinder:

  1. The top layer is just like a regular grinder with a lid. Grind your hemp buds as usual, and smaller particles will fall down to the second layer.
  2. The middle layer contains a wire mesh to sift the kief apart from smaller fragments of plant matter.
  3. The bottom layer is a shallow dish where you’ll collect your kief using a kief scraper. Grinders usually come with plastic kief scrapers. But if you want to up your game, buy yourself a specialized metal scraper.

Once you’ve got the hang of the kief grinder, you may want to upgrade to a kief box. Kief boxes allow you to sift larger amounts of CBD buds through more than one screen.

how to use cbd kief


How to Use CBD Kief

CBD kief is pretty versatile. If you’re used to smoking your CBD flower, you have several options for adding CBD kief to your experience, including:

If you’re more into edibles, you can add decarbed kief to homemade tinctures, butter, and your favorite foods. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of CBD kief. Have fun experimenting. But go easy! CBD kief is powerful stuff.

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