Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain Review

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Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain

With relatively unpopular ancestors, Sunshine Daydream is a strain that has had to fight for its 15 minutes of fame. Unlike other herbs that rely on the prominence of their parents to tap into our collective consciousness, Sunshine Daydream is a strain that comes from two under-the-radar predecessors, but its genetics are formidable nonetheless.

Leaning towards the indica end of the genetic gradient, the Sunshine Daydream strain delivers soothing effects that are highly beneficial against a host of the usually discomforts we deal with. Calming the mind, easing away apprehension, and clearing away bodily discomfort and stress, Sunshine Daydream is one of those strains that totally deserves its moniker.


Origins of Sunshine Daydream

Most often, farmers take parent strains that have had some sort of success on the cannabis market. But the farmers who bred the Sunshine Daydream took a completely different angle altogether. The herb combines genetics from two parents – the Appalachia and Bubbashine – both of which have yet to achieve popularity on the cannabis market.

Appalachia is a sativa-leaning strain that’s exceedingly difficult to find on the market. The strain is unlike the common sativa strain that heightens energy and cognitive activity without direction. Instead, it focuses on discomfort, mitigating physical tension while sharpening your senses and your mental processes. What you get is an ultra-heightened disposition that magnifies the stimulation around you.

The other parent is Bubbashine, and is even less prominent on the cannabis market than the Appalachia. Bred by Bodhi Seeds, Bubbashine combines potent flavor with blissful indica-leaning effects to bring you complete release versus the various discomforts that might take your mind and body hostage.


Sunshine Daydream Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Sunshine Daydream nugs are elongated and dense, tightly packed together in classic indica fashion. The beautiful pale green bud flaunts an exuberant glaze of fuzzy white trichomes that look like dusted snow on the nugs’ surface. These trichomes are what produce the resin that leaves your fingers feeling sticky after handling the bud. And the resin is where the cannabinoids are found. So, you can say that the more trichomes a cannabis strain has, the more complex its cannabinoid content likely is.

The Sunshine Daydream’s rich trichome layer is also where terpenes are produced – the chemical compounds that release the strain’s aroma. This particular herb’s nose is incredibly reminiscent of blueberry muffins, blending together sweet, fluffy dough and delicious fresh berries together in a swirling vortex of olfactory bliss.

Yet underneath the decadent aroma, jabs of bitter gasoline fight through the curtain of sweetness to poke into your nostrils. The subtle hints might go unnoticed at first, but to the connoisseur, the gentle jabs can be well-deserved added dimension that completes the sensory experience.


Experience and Effects

Just like walking through a sunshine daydream, this strain takes you down a route of calm, full-body bliss. As you take that first drag, thick plumes of smoke fill your mouth and trickle down into your lungs with the slow, viscous motion of a dense nectar. The sweet blueberry flavor blends together with the bitterness of gasoline, swirling together in combat to take center stage.

As the cannabinoids course through your bloodstream, you’ll notice that they’ll first take effect in the recesses of your mind. Aside from clearing away the usual apprehension and distress as other strains do, Sunshine Daydream also works to inspire a sense of happiness and euphoria. Just as its name suggests, the strain can get you smiling and giggling even at the slightest instances, making you feel like a ray of sunshine on even the cloudiest days.

Its body-centric effects lighten the limbs and make you feel like you weigh no more than a pound. The feather-light disposition can inspire the urge to move and take a nice stroll through the park. But remember, since it is an indica strain, the benefits are more mellow, so it’s not really the best choice if you were looking for something to inspire heightened motivation and productivity.


Sunshine Daydream Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Neither easy nor difficult to grow, the Sunshine Daydream strain can be a suitable pick for rookie growers hoping to graduate to a slightly more challenging strain, or for farmers with slightly more experience than a newbie. The plant requires specific growing conditions, high heat, and fertilizer application to reach its maximum genetic potential. Nonetheless, if you want the added challenge, it can be a smart way to improve your farming skills.

Interested in producing your own cannabis-derived formulations? Sunshine Daydream’s abundant trichome layer sheds light on the kind of cannabinoid profile that it possesses. Its complex chemical composition means that you can extract potent CBD concentrates – among other things – from its promising chemical structure.

Another reason why Sunshine Daydream might make a viable choice for those hoping to produce their very own full spectrum oil is because of its flavor. While most full spectrum oils are known to be bitter, Sunshine Daydream’s terpene content make its concentrate far easier on the palate, perfect for producing full spectrum products that are well-tolerated by sensitive users.


Who Is It For?

Sunshine Daydream is a well-tolerated strain that works wonders for people of all walks of life. Calming, soothing, and mood changing, the strain can be a smart way to turn your situation around, helping you achieve a careless relaxation that lifts away discomfort, distress, and tension for total clarity and relief. Its flavorful smoke is also easily tolerated by novices, rookies, and sensitive users who might not be accustomed to the bitter taste of more pungent blends, so there really is no question about whether or not you’d be able to handle Sunshine Daydream’s flavor.

For the budding business owners, Sunshine Dream can be a suitable raw material for producing extracts and concentrates. Its flavorful terpene blend minimizes bitterness, helping you create more palatable full spectrum oils than what you’re likely to find on the market. A fair warning though – the plant can be temperamental, and its unique growth requirements can take more time, effort, and money to cultivate. Nonetheless, the herb can provide excellent top-shelf bud that can earn you a fat profit with patience and skill.


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