Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

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Pink Cookies Cannabis Strain

As though separating time and space, Pink Cookies astral projects you out of your body for a cannabis experience that’s like no other. Perfect for those moments when you just need to get away from it all, Pink Cookies does exactly that – takes you out of your system to lift you away into a space beyond, where worries don’t exist and your body’s distress is not your own.

Although flavor and aroma aren’t her strongest suit, Pink Cookies’ effects has earned her a rightful place in the stashes of cannabis heads across the globe. And with her potent benefits that heighten the senses, sharpen concentration, and birth unrivaled clarity, it’s really no surprise how this relatively unknown herb has pierced through to our collective consciousness.


Origins of the Pink Cookies Strain

Sometimes also called Wedding Cake, Pink Cookies is a strain that comes from the marriage of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The delectable strain brings together the perfectly balanced hybrid genetics of its parentage, but somehow manages to manifest indica-leaning dominance.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is best known for its delicious flavor and full-body involvement which enlists the aid of both mind and flesh to produce a relaxing experience that releases the system from tension, stress, and discomfort. The offspring strain gets most of its flavor from the GSC parent strain, which tastes almost identical to the Wedding Cake herb.

Then we have Cherry Pie. Sweet and fruity, this strain incorporates the slight taste of dough, making it a truly blissful taste encounter. Its cerebral effects are mostly what it contributes to the Wedding Cake’s genetics, lending supreme upper storey effects that capture the mind for an out-of-this-world experience.


Pink Cookies Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Not to fall short of expectations, Pink Cookies incorporates hints of pink and purple to truly manifest its name. The delicate nugs are compact and dense, and ripple with deep fuchsia to baby pink hues that course through the interiors. On the surface, neon, forest, and avocado green cover the nugs in a dense array of earthy tones to add contrast to its pinkish undertones.

All over the nugs are fuzzy white trichomes that consume the cannabis in an ever-prominent coat. These white projections come by the thousands, and produce the sticky resin where cannabinoids are found. So, you might say that with such an abundant forest of crystallized hairs, the Pink Cookies strain promises a complex cannabinoid content.

Similarly, the terpenes that produce the cannabis strain’s aroma also come from the trichomes on its surface. When you crack open the jar, you’re likely to be confronted by the delicate aroma of strawberries, cherries, and other mouth-watering fruit that we know and love for their sweetness. But through the alluring aroma, more seasoned veterans and connoisseurs are also likely to pick up hints of earth and sandalwood, which help to magnify the sugary goodness with just enough contrast.


Experience and Effects

Taken as a smoke, the Pink Cookies strain becomes slightly more bitter, with the flavors of earth becoming more prominent as the thick plumes travel down your throat. Notes of berry and fruit jab at the taste buds, and a sticky coating lines the soft tissues of the mouth and throat as the clouds of gray smoke pass through to your lungs. On the exhale, a minor scraping can be felt as the plumes exit through your throat.

Pink Cookies works by separating your cognitive being from the rest of your body. It’s almost as though the strain removes you from your physical body, helping release you from the throes of discomfort and stress that might be too challenging to overcome. As the cannabinoids work through your system, them lift your cognition away, lending clarity and focus to help you concentrate and meditate on more pressing matters.

The calming experience can be a wonderful retreat from the typical discomforts of daily life. As you lift away and contemplate your innermost thoughts, the strain makes it possible for you to be freed from the common stresses that might make you feel less than your best. For that reason, Pink Cookies has earned quite the reputation throughout the cannabis market for wellness.


Pink Cookies Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Taking after its GSC parent strain, Pink Cookies isn’t exactly what you would call the budding business owners cash cow. True, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to help the plant reach maturity. But don’t expect too much in terms of harvest and height. In fact, the Pink Cookies strain is among the shortest in the roster, growing no more than 3 feet at its full age.

Yields can also be pretty lackluster, producing just half to one ounce of bud for every foot that the plant grows. And because the herb can only grow to about 3 feet, it’s easy to see why it can be a little frustrating to grow Pink Cookies. Nonetheless, it is a fast finisher, taking no more than 7 weeks to become a fully mature cannabis plant.

And although the herb has a reasonable trichome profile and cannabinoid chemistry, it’s important to ask yourself whether such a small plant with a modest yield can be a suitable choice if you’re hoping to make a profit. Even then, private farmers who want to grow the stuff for their own personal consumption might be just fine with its growth pattern.


Who Is It For?

There have been complaints of novices finding the Pink Cookies’ effects to be a little on the daring side, and they are. For connoisseurs and veterans however, the mini out-of-body-experience can be a total trip, helping soothe the body and rid the system of all the various physical discomforts that many of us struggle with day to day. Not to mention the clear-cut concentration that can be perfect for idle moments of contemplation.

While she might not be the best herb for budding business owners, the Pink Cookies strain is a relatively easy plant to grow. So, if you were hoping to try your hand at cultivation and you want a variety that doesn’t take up too much space, then the Pink Cookies strain might just be for you.


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