Jack Herer Cannabis Strain Review

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Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

Named after the Emperor of Hemp, the Jack Herer herb has some pretty big shoes to fill. And in a lot of ways, it does just that. This popular strain takes the name of the well-known cannabis activist Jack Herer who dedicated his life to the legalization of cannabis, and is pretty much one of the reasons why the hemp industry has moved so far forward today. So with such intense involvement with cannabis, you would expect that a strain named after one of the industry’s leading forefathers would stand up to the hype.

Fortunately, the Jack Herer strain doesn’t disappoint. A lively, energetic sativa, this herb touts a blend of flavors and a burst of effects that traverse almost the entire spectrum. So what you get in this single herb is pretty much encapsulates the known cannabis market within its delicate, fragrant leaves.


The Origins of the Jack Herer

Bred by Sensi Seeds, the Jack Herer strain combines not two, but three different herbs to deliver its intensive flavor and effects. And with that, it comes as no surprise that its parents are successful veteran herbs in their own respects, having earned their reputation not only through their distinct profiles, but also because of their landrace origins.

The first parent in the trifecta – the Haze – is the parent of every strain with the Haze surname. A powerful sativa, Haze clarifies the mind and allows penetrating creative energy to pierce through the consciousness. Its flavor – a blissful combo of herb and earthy sweetness – is characteristic of the legendary landraces that came together to birth it.

Second in the line-up is Northern Lights #5. A 50-50 indica, this herb is one of the most pine flavored varieties you’ll find, offering a cool, refreshing pine flavor that can clear up even the stuffiest sinus. In terms of effects, it does showcase hints of sativa chemistry despite being qualified as a pure indica.

Then, finally, there’s the Shiva Skunk. The least popular of the three, the strain’s lack of mainstream presence is mostly because of its difficult cultivation. A child of the Skunk, this herb brandishes that signature stink that makes it a great choice for those who want to challenge their cannabis tolerance.


Jack Herer Cannabis Bud


Aroma and Appearance

Especially dense and oversized, it’s easy to see how the Jack Herer strain gets its patrons. These deep colored nugs aren’t special when it comes to the colors of their leaves, but for the intricacy and unruliness of their tendrils. Covered in a cage of orange to brown fingers, the lawless mop of hairs that cover the surfaces intertwine and tangle together to give the strain some solid 90’s appeal.

Without even having to lean any closer, you’ll find that nugs are covered in a dense shell of trichomes. This external barrier of crystallized hairs might look like fake plastic fuzz on a cheap decorative faux plant. But their purpose is anything but ornamental. With a role to play in the production of cannabinoids and terpenes, the more trichomes a sample has, the more aggressive its aroma and effects.

And in terms of aroma, the Jack Herer strain delivers. The first note straight out of the jar is a sharp, tart citrus smell that really pierces through the nostrils and shoots straight down into the throat. The jabby element can feel itchy, lending clue to the kind of experience the smoke itself might deliver. But soothing notes of mint, pine, herb, and earth temper the tartness and help make the scent manageable for all sorts of users.


Jack Herer terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Effects of the Jack Herer strain lean towards the sativa side, but there are some hints of indica properties that shine through here and there. Its smoke – slightly itchy to the throat – can induce some coughing, but won’t really be hard to tolerate even for beginners. The taste is almost identical to its aroma, with the minor inclusion of gasoline that tends to result from the burning of the leaves.

The effects are relatively fast paced and quick to take effect, lending you a clear-headed cognitive buzz right off the bat. This clarity is then quickly followed by a sense of well-being and euphoria that changes even the worst of dispositions into a smiley, happy, giggly mood. Of course, there’s also the feeling of supercharged energy that rises through the heels and into the spine.

The full blown effects of the Jack Herer strain can give you a dose of light, airy energy that might be able to help you power through a range of activities. And while the happy, skippy mood might have you feeling more energized than ever before, it won’t be too overwhelming so you can be sure you won’t end up with pent up anxious energy.


Jack Herer Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

If you’re a novice farmer looking for a challenge, the Jack Herer strain is the one for you. Moderately difficult to grow, this herb will require a deeper knowledge than those easy peasy commodities that you’ve been trying your hand at. Towering at over 6 feet in height, these plants will grow best in wide open spaces. But since they do require specific environmental conditions, indoor facilities with heightened ceilings and quality grow lights would be the best place to cultivate.

In terms of yield, don’t expect anything stellar. At best, the Jack Herer strain will produce 1 to 2 ounces of bud for every square foot. Yes – that’s not a lot. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s so hard to find. But, because it matures in 7 weeks or less, you do have the opportunity to harvest more than once a year with this particular strain.


Who Is It For?

Is the Jack Herer strain for you? That really depends. For the most part, the strain’s flavor can be tolerated just fine by even a novice, but its effects are what’s in question. Although happy and giggly, taking even slightly more than your tolerance level can lead to a spike in directionless energy that can be tough to deal with. If you’re a novice, manage your dose to make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of indulgence.


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