Sour Cheese CBD Strain Review

With a name like Sour Cheese, it’s pretty tough for this herb not to stand out on a shelf. The Sour Cheese strain has one of the most distinct flavor and aroma profiles on the known hemp market, crumpling noses and wincing faces with its strong, pungent, and offensive odor that really lines the walls of the nostrils and lungs. Aggressive and overpowering, the Sour Cheese strain is an acquired taste that really works best for those who know how to appreciate dynamic hemp genetics. But if you were hoping for outstanding relief, then it might be time to get over your low tolerance for strong flavors, because this herb is the epitome of relaxation.


Sour Cheese CBD Strain Review


The Origins of the Sour Cheese Strain

The Sour Cheese strain is one of the many members of the CBD-rich hemp variety that delivers a potent dose of CBD with ultra-low concentrations of THC. These strains can be so low in THC in fact, that the numbers will often go undetected through third party lab tests. Cultivators achieve this by way of careful farming practices that help to amplify the genetics that people look for in a hemp strain. But that doesn’t always mean that the herb’s parents have to be strictly from the same CBD-centric lineage.

While the Sour Cheese strain comes out as one of the more noteworthy CBD hemp strain varieties out there, its genetic history is something of a mystery. Many experts assume that the strain was birthed from the union of Cheese and Sour Diesel, but there are some that speculate that perhaps Strawberry Diesel had something to do with the mix, especially since its flavor is almost perfectly represented in the resulting offspring.


Aroma and Appearance

With strawberry blond hairs coursing through the crevices between the leaves, the Sour Cheese strain can look like a dainty little thing on your local dispensary’s shelves. The gorgeous, bright colored nugs are painted with a glorious green gradient, sometimes with hues of purple showing through the cracks. Inside, the broken nugs can be significantly darker, showcasing a depth of color that’s hidden from view on the outside.

But for as dreamy and delightful as the strain might be at a glance, it really mixes things up with its fragrance – or odor, whichever you think fits best. The strong, pungent notes that slowly creep from the leaves can be putrid to say the least, smelling almost exactly like a rancid block of cheese. Skunky and earthy, a dark bitterness underlines the sour foreground of rotten offensiveness, which can really make any low tolerance user pull away in a heartbeat.

Sour Cheese CBD Strain

Experience and Effects

Getting the smoke down can be tough when it tastes real darn bad. The rancid odor that comes from the leaves is pretty much the same flavor imbued into the smoke. So any beginner or low tolerance user might find the Sour Cheese strain to be especially cough-inducing. The rotten flavor lingers in the mouth for a while, and may leave a nasty after taste that can stick to the back of the mouth for several minutes after you take a toke. But beyond the flavor, the Sour Cheese strain offers a relaxing experience that calms both mind and body. Neither tranquilizing nor intoxicating, this might just be the perfect choice for those easy nights of serenity and physical relief.


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