Royal Highness CBD Strain Review

A formidable entity in the CBD-dominant circle, the Royal Highness hemp strain is a powerful patriarch that’s been around for a while. Having hit the market just when the CBD hype was on the rise, the Royal Highness herb was one of the first members of the industry to match the needs of those who want clearheaded calm and powerful body relieving effects. A noble variety with distinguished genetics, the Royal Highness herb won’t only find a seat in your everyday stash, but might just overthrow the cultivar seated on the throne of favorites.


The Origins of the Royal Highness Strain

CBD-dominant strains are developed by practicing specific cultivation techniques that minimize the presence of THC while amplifying the potency of the cannabinoid that is said to be the most beneficial in the entire hemp herb. And while some farmers might be able to achieve this with regular cannabis strains, the Royal Highness gets its ultra-effective chemistry from its CBD-dominant parents.

The child of two CDB-rich herbs, Royal Highness gets a head start that makes it easier to produce high CBD outcomes. Its first parent – the Respect strain – is a lesser known CBD-biased herb that showcases the same calming benefits that the Royal Highness is known for. Then of course, there’s Dancehall. Although slightly more popular, this herb’s more awakening effects have caused it to take a backseat to Royal Highness’ blissful calm.


Aroma and Appearance

The Royal Highness was named such for its delightful glittering aesthetic that makes the nugs look like they were taken from the crown of a monarch. The beautiful nugs are painted with gold and pale green, and are dusted in a layer of thick glistening trichomes. Each piece is then intricately designed with little bright orange vines that encase the nugs in a delicate cage of gentle wires.

The aroma is no less delightful than the Royal Highness aesthetic. Easy on the snout, the scent that comes from the leaves can be described as pungent and earthy, yet soft and herbal. Like the smell of a dusty ball room that hasn’t been used in decades, the nugs’ fragrance is accompanied by a gentle ginger, herb, and mint aroma that adds a pleasant touch to the pungent earth aroma that takes the foreground.


Experience and Effects

Royal Highness CBD Strain ReviewAs a smoke, the Royal Highness strain behaves almost entirely like its fragrance. The taste might be slightly offensive to a low tolerance user, but it isn’t necessarily impossible to get through. A slight irritation might call for the need to clear the throat, and a more experienced veteran might find the entire encounter to be a thrilling new flavor to add to their repertoire.

The effects of the Royal Highness herb aren’t any different from the average CBD-dominant strain. What really sets it apart however is how long the effects stick around. With chemistry that stays in the system for several long hours after just a toke or two, the Royal Highness strain is the top pick for users who need long-lasting relief that will see them through their day without the need for second doses.


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