OG Kush CBD Strain Review

Bringing together the genetic build of OG Kush and CBD, the OG Kush CBD strain is an obvious heavyweight that doesn’t joke around. The herb’s sativa-leaning genetics give users a bit of an energy kick during use, allowing a more active cognition and more physical vitality throughout the duration of its effects. Smooth and easy, OG Kush CBD is a hard-hitter that doesn’t incapacitate, subdue, or tranquilize. Instead, this herb is highly coveted for its well-balanced effects that awaken the system and improve overall mood.


OG Kush CBD Strain Review


The Origins of the OG Kush CBD Strain

Just a look at the strain’s name already tells you where it comes from. The breed was developed by crossing OG Kush and CBD, bringing together their distinct genetics to produce an otherworldly herb that’s both powerful yet controlled. The OG Kush strain is often alluded to as the ultimate cannabis herb. Having fathered an immense number of other varieties after it, OG Kush serves as the genetic backbone for more than a thousand other cultivars in the market today, many of which have gone on to become award winning names in the industry.

The CBD strain on the other hand is a little known cultivar that’s mainly chosen for its strong CBD presence. While it isn’t easy to find in the commercial market, the CBD strain has been used time and time again throughout the agricultural backdrop of cannabis, mainly for its benefits as a CBD dominant herb that shines through with controlled benefits and effects.


Aroma and Appearance

The OG Kush CBD strain looks like a cross of what might be an unruly parent, and a prim and proper ancestor. The herb combines chaotic orange hairs and aggressive trichome expression with beautifully organized buds that come together in almost identical conical shapes. The tight clusters aren’t recklessly gathered, but their hairs and trichomes definitely add a dimension of dramatic appeal.

The OG Kush CBD nose is highly reminiscent of its OG Kush parent. Shining through with notes of herb, fruit, mint, and lemon, the delicate balance of fragrant notes dances with the oflactories and soothes the user with its blissful blend of strong aromas. Underneath the pleasant foreground however, a subdued bitter background lingers just out of reach of the olfactories. Some more experienced buyers might be able to pick it up, but newbies might struggle to detect its insidious presence.


OG Kush CBD Strain


Experience and Effects

Much like any other CBD dominat cultivar, the OG Kush CBD strain doesn’t knock outs its user with subduing effects. Instead, it takes away the negative feelings and stress and amplifies positive moods for improved productivity. With a puff or two of OG Kush CBD, you should feel like a brand new you – free from distress, discomfort, and aches, and ready to face the challenges of the busy day ahead.

But what really sets OG Kush CBD apart from all the others on the market is that it doesn’t just improve your mood and feeling of well-being. The herb also sends a dose of energy through the spine, making you feel more vibrant and inspired. This can be particularly helpful for those who need energy and clarity to plow through a day’s worth of responsibilities.


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