Green Gum CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Mild and subtle, Green Gum is a favorite among users who prefer CBD strains that don’t demand too much from your senses. This mellow cultivar can be best described as mellow, imparting cool, comfortable effects that make an impact on your mind and body without overpowering your will and cognition.

Green Gum is often listed as one of the best CBD hemp flower choices for those who don’t really enjoy the taste and experience of using hemp flower, but still want to experience its effects on the mind and body.

Green Gum CBD hemp plants growing in green house




The Effects of Green Gum

Slow and steady, Green Gum manifests as a significant boost in vigor and clarity without overpowering your senses. Unlike other strains that might induce sleepiness or an energetic, uplifted mood, Green Gum is steady and stable. The substance merely clears the mind and soothes physical tension. But other than that, you’ll be neither sleepy nor lively, letting you maintain a controlled demeanor that doesn’t severely impact your behavior or mood.

The initial drag won’t take effect immediately. Much like its effects, Green Gum can be slow to manifest. You can expect around 30 minutes of time to pass before you can experience any of the changes associated with the strain. Once they hit though, they begin with your mind. Slowing down the pace of your thoughts and ridding your consciousness of mental clutter, Green Gum is perfect for those who want to maintain razor sharp concentration.

As that takes hold of your mind, the substance then begins to relax your body. The CBD in the strain relax the muscles, lifting away tension from rigorous physical activities, and giving rise to a feeling of lightness and comfort. Despite that, Green Gum doesn’t make its users feel sleepy, which makes it ideal for those times when you just might want to get away from the daily stress.

On the other hand, despite being indica-dominant in terms of its effects, Green Gum doesn’t make such a great choice if you want to drift away to dreamland. The strain doesn’t induce sleepiness, and neither does it support productivity. So it’s really better used as a supportive substance for clarity of mind and momentary meditation.



The Green Gum Flavor Profile

Right out of the packaging, it’s really hard to detect how Green Gum would taste. The fragrance is very subtle, although not grassy at all. But it might take you some effort to pick up on the scent since it can be close to non-existent. Once you smoke the bud, it does make its flavor known, although fairly modestly.

closeup of Green Gum CBD hemp bud


Earthy and piney, Green Gum has subtle jabs of sweetness that peek out through the strong earth flavor that takes front and center. The entire flavor profile can be described as subtle. It doesn’t take really hit hard with the tastes it blends together, so the smoking experience might fall flat for purists who enjoy the intensity of more saturated flavors.

Nonetheless, Green Gum finds its place in the inventory of users who prefer less powerful flavors. The strain’s subtle taste makes it far less difficult to use, especially for those who are particularly sensitive to the strong, overpowering flavors of common cultivars.


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