Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Looking to unwind and unclench? Casino Cookies CBD hemp flower might be of some assistance. This sativa-leaning strain has an average CBD concentration of 21%, giving it potent effects that take over the body and mind for a truly relaxing experience.

Despite being 60-40 sativa-indica, the Casino Cookies’ effects are more on the sedative side. Not for the faint of heart, Casino Cookies lends effects that might lock you down on your couch, so make sure you don’t have any other plans before taking a toke.



The Casino Cookies Lineage

Casino Cookies CBD hemp plants growing in field


Another mysterious cultivar, very little is known about the background of the Casino Cookies lineage. It comes from the combination of AF4 and Wookies. The latter is a hybrid strain that gives rise to a strong sense of relaxation, with hints of euphoria and liveliness. The spicy, herbal, lavender, and pine combination of the Wookies flavor profile shine through with Casino Cookies, which might indicate that Wookies is the dominant parent strain.

On the other hand, very little is known about AF4. Currently, there aren’t a lot of retailers that offer AF4, making it difficult to truly pinpoint what the strain contributes to Casino Cookies and how it impacts the effects and flavor of the unique strain.



The Effects of the Casino Cookies Hemp Flower

Anyone looking to sit back and unwind should consider giving Casino Cookies a try. This strain is slow acting but long lasting, taking its time to gradually ease you into its full-blown sedative effects. At the start, a feeling of lightheadedness might take over as the strain clears your mind and moves away mental clutter to give rise to a sense of pleasant emptiness.

As mental restlessness takes a backseat, the cultivar then works to ease your body. It takes away those nuances of discomfort and tension, letting you unclench your muscles to slip into a state of total relaxation.

While you might feel a little alert at the start, Casino Cookies will likely make you feel sleepy and calm, locking you down for the duration of the strain. So if you have any other plans, make sure you try to avoid Casino Cookies, because you might not be able to see those plans through when the effects are in full swing.



The Casino Cookies Flavor Profile


Casino Cookies CBD hemp plants growing in green house

The Casino Cookies hemp flower can taste sweet and subtle at the start. A gentle piney flavor follows quickly after the sweetness, creating a nice blend of aromas and tastes as the smoke swirls into your lungs. You might also pick up on notes of lavender and cinnamon that gently jabs at your throat and tongue to add another dimension to the hemp flower’s taste.


Towards the tail end of the taste experience, the cultivar finishes off with a strong taste of gasoline. The bitterness wraps together the rest of the flavors, creating a full experience that takes you from every flavor and taste you might expect from a cultivar. Complete and interesting, the tastes of the Casino Cookies strain can be a wild ride all on its own. Be sure to keep a nug or two in your stash to enjoy its effects and flavor when the day gets a little too stressful.


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