Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Blue Dream – also called Azure Haze – is a potent strain of CBD. This unique hybrid is produced by the marriage of two other popular strains – Blueberry and Haze. The result is a sativa-dominant strain that boasts a strong fruity flavor and uplifting effects. The unique taste of the strain have made it popular among daytime users who enjoy pungent earthy strains that improve alertness and concentration.

Where Does Blue Dream Come From?

While it’s unclear when or where the Blue Dream strain originated, many assume that it comes from Santa Cruz, CA. It was developed by combining two popular strains of cannabis – Blueberry and Haze which are indica and sativa, respectively. The result is sativa- dominant Blue Dream strain that manifests some of the effects of the relaxed indica strain.


Although more on the stimulating side of the spectrum, Blue Dream does manifest quite a high level of control. The stimulant effects are powerful yet restricted, allowing just the right alertness to take over so you can do without the mental stress and pressure.

The Effects of Blue Dream

The strain is preferred by a large population of CBD users for several reasons. Quick to take effect, Blue Dream lends heightened sensation for extended periods of time. The strain paves the way for a lightened mood that breeds creativity and razor-sharp focus. The sativa-dominant hemp flower boosts your energy, making you feel more motivated and capable of charging through a day’s worth of activities without having to stop and rest.

Blue Dream is considered a stimulating strain, making it best for those times of day when you might need the extra boost to support your daily activities. Using during nighttime might not be recommended since the strain is known to curb drowsiness and sleepiness.

One use throughout daylight hours may be more than enough to help support your everyday tasks. But if you feel that you might need the extra lift, then a double dose might be in order. Make sure to keep usage to a minimum and avoid overuse especially if the effects you reap with a single dose are potent enough to make an impact on your level of activity.

In terms of its effects on physical tension, Blue Dream is very subtle. The mild impact might be unnoticeable to most, so it might not be a good choice for those who use CBD for its effects on physical discomfort.

closeup of Blue Dream CBD hemp bud

The Blue Dream Flavor Profile

Earthy, pungent, and raw, Blue Dream’s flavor profile is deep and rich, with strong bitter notes that take center stage. But after a few puffs, the flavors twist and change, giving rise to a melody of fruity flavors, including blueberry and citrus which complement the bitterness for a pleasant flavor profile.

Users who might not be too keen on strong earthy bitterness might be thrown off by the potent strength of Blue Dream’s darker flavors. In that case, it might better off using Blue Dream as vapor. But for the most potent effects, smoking the strain will produce the greatest manifestation of the hemp’s outcomes. Smoking also enhances the potency of the combination of flavors in the strain, making a more holistic experience that engages all the senses.

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