AC Diesel CBD Hemp Flower Review

AC Diesel is a sedative CBD strain with an intense smell and aroma. The high concentration of terpenes gives this strain a lively citrus kick that’s backed by an earthy, woody flavor that lingers at the back of the mouth well after you’ve given it a drag. But what really stands out in terms of its flavor profile is the hard-hitting gasoline taste that engulfs the mouth

With a CBD content averaging 18%, AC Diesel is high on the positive effects without causing any unwanted side-effects. Despite being a sativa strain, AC Diesel offers sedative effects that calm the nerves and relax the body for a meditative experience.



closeup of AC Diesel CBD Hemp BudWhere Does AC Diesel Come From?

AC Diesel is fairly new to the market, having been introduced to CBD buyers only in 2018. This sativa hybrid combines the best qualities of the sedative ACDC strain and the northern California favorite, Sour Diesel. Together, these sativa strains create a unique blend of flavors that give the AC Diesel its fragrant and pungent qualities.



The Effects of AC Diesel

Sativa strains are often known for their stimulating effects. They boost your energy levels and lend an alertness that should support productivity. But despite being a sativa-dominant strain, AC Diesel manifests more like an indica strain. AC Diesel contains an average of 17.5% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, allowing significant effects that don’t threaten any harsh or dangerous side effects.

The meditate CBD hemp flower subdues the senses, resulting to a holistic sense of calmness that sedates the body. In effect, AC Diesel can help clear the mind of stress and mental clutter, giving rise to a strong sense of clarity that encourages better rest and sleep. Physically, the strain is ideal for relieving physical tension and pressure, as though numbing the body and temporarily lifting discomfort through the muscles and bones.

But unlike most indica strains, this sativa-dominant hemp flower puts a cap on the sedative effects. Users can still maintain relative alertness and wakefulness even after a dose of AC Diesel, which makes it especially ideal for those who might want to eliminate cognitive and physical stress during the daylight hours.

AC Diesel CBD hemp plants growing in green house



The AC Diesel Flavor Profile

The AC Diesel’s flavor profile can be likened to Sour Diesel. Taking a whiff of this strain, it’s not hard to detect the myrcene content that hits the senses with powerful notes of citrus and berry. More subtle are the earthy, woody flavors that play alongside the pungent scent of gasoline.

The initial drag overwhelms with a creeping combination of all of these flavors all at the same time. The citrus clings to the sides of the tongue as the bitterness lingers all around the oral cavity. The swirling smoke is potent to say the least, and the strain takes effect just a few moments after that first drag.

While AC Diesel might be a unique and pleasant experience for some CBD hemp flower users, the hard-hitting flavor profile might be overwhelming for others. Using different tools to enjoy the bud, including vapes, can help neutralize some of the flavor for a more manageable user experience.


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