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Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain Review

January 13, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain Review

Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain

Considered one of the most legendary indica strains presently available, Grand Daddy Purple showcases beautiful, deep purple hues contained in dense, oversized nugs. Its distinct fruity, grape flavor mixes together with berry, offering a blend of delectable, succulent sweetness that’s sure to keep you licking your lips well after you take a toke.

The iconic variety is well-loved for the fully-conscious relaxation it provides, putting your mind into a state of whimsy and creativity as your body is locked in total immobility. Perfect for daydreamers, this meditative strain makes the ideal choice if you’re hoping to get your creative juices flowing, or if you simply want to explore your cognition with the help of an encouraging cultivar.


Grand Daddy Purple Lineage

First making its way into the market in 2003, Grand Daddy Purple brags a lineage of royalty. Its US-born parent strains – Purple Urkle and Big Bud – are two incredibly popular indica strains, which is how Grand Daddy Purple gets its potent calming benefits. These ancestor strains were some of the most popular in their day, and have been around the cannabis industry as early as the 80s.

Purple Urkle is a select phenotype that comes from the Mendo Purps. The skunky, berry flavor gives it that quintessential cannabis taste that’s prized by purists and veterans who have been enjoying cannabis since its earlier years. Its effects are almost identical to its Grand Daddy Purple offspring, lending unprecedented relaxation, calm, and sleepiness.

On the other hand, there’s the equally powerful Big Bud indica strain. This cultivar was brought to the Netherlands during the 80’s to escape the crack down on drugs that took place around the time it was circulating the market. In a lot of ways, it lends effects that are similar to Purple Urkle. The main difference is that it offers a peppery, spicy flavor that’s fully expressed in its GDP descendant.


Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

As its name suggests, Grand Daddy Purple showcases a gorgeous blend of colors, including deep purples that take the backseat to a gradient of greens. Up front, the nugs feature varying hues of forest-colored leaves, giving rise to a dynamic, lively appearance that definitely adds to its overall bag appeal.

Strawberry blond hairs wrap around the samples, creating contrast that elevates the saturation of the colors of the leaves. And all over the nugs, sparkling trichomes produce a fuzzy, hairy aesthetic, leaving a sticky, tacky film on the fingers after handling the bud. This resin makes Grand Daddy Purple a premium pick for users who enjoy processing their cannabis to produce a range of other CBD products.

Once GDP captures your interest with its eye-popping good looks, it locks in your decision with its intricate aroma. The complex blend of grapes and berry give off the scent of sweetness that overpowers the oflactories. In the backdrop of the smell experience, the fragrance of spice takes jabs at the nose, clearing the sinuses with its strong, sharp aroma.


Grand Daddy Purple terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Grand Daddy Purple closely resembles the classics of the 80s and 90s, releasing strong, thick puffs of smoke that scrape the throat. After each toke, the strain leaves a film that coats the soft tissues of the mouth, even causing some bitterness to linger long after the drag. The flavors during the smoke experience are otherwise no different from the aroma of the bud, save for the strong taste of bitter earth that chases the fruity flavors and heightens towards the end of the toke.

As you let the smoke course through your system, GDP works to gradually settle you into a state of overpowering calm. The strain releases cognitive tension, clearing your mind of clutter and giving you a pleasant sense of thoughtlessness that further improves relaxation.

As you enter the next state of the experience, GDP takes you into a meditative state that permits the flow of singular thoughts, gently guiding your mind from idea to idea. The rest of your body on the other hand is partially relieved of sensation from the limbs, causing you to want to take a seat and stay that way for the duration of the experience. At this time, you should feel completely void of discomfort and tension while your mind wanders the pleasantries of meditation and carefree cognition.


Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Often considered one of the most promising strains for beginner cultivators, GDP is easy to grow and highly rewarding. The variety takes no more than 7-9 weeks to reach full maturity, and grows to a modest height of less than 3 feet. For this reason, it works well for those who want to try their hand at indoor cultivation, since the plant doesn’t require too much space.

Once GDP reaches its flowering phase, you can expect to harvest a yield of 6 ounces for every foot that the plant grows. Compared to other varieties, this payback can be incredibly high, especially since GDP takes just a little less than 2 months to return your investment.

Growing the cultivar in the right conditions can help enhance the quality and extensiveness of its delicate, hairy trichomes. With lots of sunlight and just enough water, GDP can produce a substantial coating that’s perfect for post-processing. Its premium resin is especially easy to extract, and makes a great base substance for tinctures, concentrates, and other types of CBD products.


Who’s It For?

Its mild flavor and tolerable bitterness make the Grand Daddy Purple strain a suitable choice for both novices and veterans. The delicate flavor profile can appeal to most palates, and delivers the ideal blend of tastes that encapsulates the quintessential, classic cannabis experience.

On top of that, Grand Daddy Purple’s controlled effects that neither intoxicate nor sedate make it a good choice for beginners who might still be getting used to the effects of cannabis. The balanced experience doesn’t overwhelm with couch lock and it doesn’t spike feelings of over excitement or apprehension, so it really does well for users who want to ease into a slow, steady ride.

On the other hand, because Grand Daddy Purple does encourage the desire for motionlessness and idleness, it might not make such a good pick if you’re interested in high-energy effects to boost productivity. For that reason, it also makes a more suitable choice for night time use, since it does prove to be a suitable escape from sleeplessness.


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