Got The CBD Munchies? – Check Out These CBD Edibles

It’s not too difficult to explain the recent explosion in CBD edibles. We all love snacking anyway, so why not add CBD? Sure, CBD edibles may not have the highest absorption rate, but they’re discreet, easy to use, and, best of all, super tasty! Edibles are also a fantastic way for newcomers to experiment with CBD.

Today, the list of CBD-infused foods is virtually endless. While this is excellent news in terms of consumer choice, it can make the CBD shopping experience a bit confusing. To help you pick the perfect CBD edible, let’s run through a few of the most popular varieties.

CBD Edibles

Three Awesome CBD Edible Varieties

The Undisputed King: CBD Gummies

Despite all of the innovations in the CBD edibles space, gummies remain the best-selling product in the industry. Customers can’t seem to get enough of these chewy treats—and who could blame them? Not only are these gummies sweet, they’re also one of the most discreet ways to take CBD. Plus, since the CBD gummies space is so competitive, there’s a wide range of flavors for customers to choose from.

There are, however, a few potential downsides attached to these colorful goodies. First off, CBD gummies are notorious for having artificial sweeteners. Second, you have to be extra careful about leaving these tempting treats within a child’s reach. Lastly, if you don’t practice portion control, it’s easy to accidentally binge on these berry-flavored gummies.

If you want CBD gummies, please be sure to carefully research each product’s ingredients list. Customers should also place their gummies in a childproof container well out of reach.

A Delightful Way To De-Stress – CBD Chocolate

Chocoholics will be glad to know there are plenty of CBD chocolate bars for sale. While not as discreet as gummies, CBD chocolate is a fantastic option when you want a decadent dessert.

On the downside, there’s not a great deal of variety in the current CBD chocolate market. Indeed, almost all of the CBD chocolates now available are dark chocolate. Also, these products tend to be the most expensive CBD edibles.

However, if you don’t mind splurging on a delightful dessert, CBD dark chocolate bars may be the right choice for you.

Add Extra Chill To Your Breath Mint – CBD Gum

Let’s face it; we all get stinky breath from time to time. Luckily, there’s now a way to eliminate bad breath and enjoy the benefits of CBD: chew a stick of CBD gum!

Although not as well-known as CBD gummies, mint-flavored CBD gums are becoming increasingly popular in the edibles space. Not only do people love the minty freshness they get from this gum, some believe it provides a more bioavailable form of CBD. Although there’s still not a ton of evidence supporting this claim, there’s no doubt CBD gum is a refreshing option.

Because CBD gum is such a new product, it might be trickier to find in stores. Also, like with gummies, you have to be careful about artificial sweeteners in CBD gum. However, if you’re looking for a chill way to freshen up, be sure to research this product.


CBD Gummies


Don’t See A CBD Edible You Like? Make One At Home!

If you can’t find a CBD edible that meets your preferences, why not try a few recipes at home? Countless CBD fans have already created amazing edibles with their CBD oils, tinctures, or isolate powders. Whatever flavors set your tastebuds on fire, there’s always a way to work CBD into the mix.


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