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Long-lasting, hard-hitting, and unstoppable, the Fire OG strain comes in like a wildfire, consuming your system in unrelenting heat that will awaken your mind and body with the perfect balance between indica and sativa qualities. The fiery cultivar is a heavyweight, packing 21% THC to give you overpowering results that will leave no inch of your body untouched by the hot and heavy effects of cannabis.


The Fire OG strain was the result of the union of the ever-iconic cannabis classic OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3. The outcome of the combination is the fiery, aggressive, heavyweight cultivar we’ve come to know as Fire OG.

OG Kush

The original gangster, the classic, the unrivalled parent strain that fathered most of the cultivars you might have tried, OG Kush is the quintessential cannabis strain. Doing away with the fancy flavors and colorful appearances, this strain delivers straight-up satisfaction with its 21% THC that brings slightly sativa-leaning effects.

San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3

Energetic, lively, and full of that invigorating funky stuff, SFV OG is strong on physical effects. This strain is the holy grail for people using cannabis for relaxation, offering supreme comfort without magnetizing you to your sofa or forcing you into a deep slumber.

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You could line up all the different cannabis strains on the market, and you’d still be able to pick out Fire OG. The strain has what is perhaps the most distinct appearance, with bright red veins coursing through its deep forest green leaves. Unlike other strains that have yellow to orange colored hairs, the Fire OG cultivar saturated scarlet pistils give it the appearance of being on fire – thus its name.

Fire OG nugs are typically covered in a frosted layer of trichomes. The crystallized material creates a subtle glistening aesthetic that definitely adds a touch of appeal, giving the strain irresistible charm.

THC Content

Reaching up to 21% THC, some Fire OG phenotypes can be especially potent, delivering a heart-thumping high that energizes without intoxicating and relaxes without sedating. For most veterans, the Fire OG strain can be a perfectly balanced experience, allowing the ideal proportions between sativa and indica effects. The cultivar brings with it a forceful amalgamation of both calming and invigorating effects, clearing your mind while heightening your sense of motivation and productivity.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

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The Fire OG stays true to its name not just by the way it looks, but also through its flavor. Taking that first whiff, you’re likely to sense some notes of pepper, herbs, and lemon, giving off a pleasant aroma that might catch you off guard.

Once you take a drag though, these scents become a mere backdrop to the taste of sandalwood, pine, and gasoline that create a burning flavor of charred firewood in your mouth. The overpowering bitterness might make a novice pull away, but for the veteran smoker or a purist, it can be an authentic ride.

Effects of Fire OG

The robust Fire OG cultivar manifests a harmonious marriage of sativa and indica effects. For you, that means an amazing heady experience that energizes and relaxes without locking to your couch or inspiring a sense of restlessness.


Stuck in a rut? You’d be surprised how well certain strains work towards inspiring better productivity – and Fire OG is one of them. Blaze through your duties and tasks and get sh*t done with this motivating strain that promises to see you through that mountain of responsibilities.


Fire OG brings your creativity to life by encouraging the formulation of new ideas, concepts. The strain can get your creative juices flowing, saving you from that stand-still that might be keeping you from moving forward through your work.


Make sure your pantry is fully stocked before you take a toke of this flaming hot cultivar. Fire OG can stir up that stomach and release the hunger kraken, keeping you hot on the heels of a bad case of munchies for the duration of its effects.

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For as potent and robust as the Fire OG strain might be, it’s a pretty delicate plant to grow. Susceptible to the whole spectrum of pests that cannabis plants are likely to surrender to, Fire OG requires special care to thrive and grow. So, if you’re planning to cultivate your very own Fire OG plant, be sure you’re prepared.

A dry, warm climate is preferred, with infrequent watering and lots of room to evaporate excess moisture. The strain can easily grow mold and fungus when left with too much water, and is likely to rot at the root if watered too often and too much.

While some cannabis strains don’t require the use of a plant growing lamp, the Fire OG strain will likely require one at all times. The extra warmth can mean the difference between thriving and rotting especially during night-time hours when temperatures tend to get too cold for comfort.


Keep the pot near an open window with lots of fresh air and sunlight. Use a warming lamp to maintain the ideal temperatures, especially during the evening. Use a spray bottle and direct water to the root and soil. Avoid watering the leaves at all costs to prevent fungal growth.


Prepare the soil with fertilizer and dry it out so it doesn’t clump together with excess moisture. Provide lots of space and try to plant the seeds in an area where there won’t be a lot of competition for nutrition. If it gets too cold in the evening, try to keep the plant under the warmth of a plant lamp.

Similar Strains

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If you’re totally digging the Fire OG’s profile, there are a butt load of other strains you might enjoy. Here are some of the Fire OG cultivar’s closest relatives in terms of flavor and effects:

  • OG Kush
  • Platinum Kush
  • Platinum OG
  • Tahoe OG Kush
  • True OG
  • G13


There’s a whole lot of love out there for the Fire OG strain. With a strong patronage, this cultivar has earned for itself a pretty prominent seat among other iconic strains. Find out what others have to say about it:

  • I had to wrestle this cultivar to get it to grow. After months of trying, I was finally able to see it into full maturity, 10 long weeks after sowing the seeds. It was totally worth it.
  • As a sativa-dominant fanatic, I’m not too big on strains that combine energetic effects with indica. But Fire OG did not disappoint. Its lively, awakening, invigorating, and yet calming. I absolutely enjoyed this trip and would definitely do it again.
  • I was a naive beginner when I gave this strain a try. Let’s just say I ended up washing the same dish for 3 hours. Definitely a little too strong for a novice, but I can see how a veteran would enjoy this strain.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re really looking to get blazed, there’s no way you’d be disappointed with the Fire OG strain. This kicker of a cultivar is one that will take you for a fast-paced trip, giving you that push you need to get things done – all while enjoying the calming effects of palpable indica effects that don’t fade into the background.


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