CBD Prerolled Joint – Eighth Pack



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CBD Prerolled Joint – Eighth Pack In Strains:


Hawaiian Haze



Sex Panther

Star Gazer

Sour Space Candy




 Eighth Packs!

There’s no better way to enjoy your favorite CBD hemp flower than with our premium pre-rolled joints. You no longer need to worry about rolling the perfect tight joint because we do the work for you! Our Eighth-Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joints are derived from some of the finest organic grown hemp flowers. Each child proof package contains 7 pre-rolled  joints from freshly ground hemp flowers. These are very convenient and ready for immediate use. Strain-specific CBD flower goes into each pack from the choices of Star gazer, Hawaiian Haze, Lifter and more.

Now offering CBG eighth packs!  CBG hemp flowers are a delight to smoke! They release a fresh fragrance comparable to pine needles, chamomile, and citrus. You’ll find that they smoke well, leaving behind a sweet and subtle flavor akin to tangerine, lemon, and honey notes.  It offers many of the same benefits as CBD, but with a prominence on focus and alertness, making it ideal for daytime use.

If you are having a hard time deciding on a strain, we offer a sampler pack to give each customer an uplifted experience with multiple flavors in one. We ensure our products will provide you with the very best CBD quality. When you don’t have a pipe or bong these are the perfect go to choice. They are rolled in unbleached vegan-friendly RAW rolling paper formulated to improve your smoking experience. We guarantee they are:

    • 100% free of nicotine and tobacco!


    • Contains no additives or addictive substance.


    • Contains less than 0.3% THC


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