Cookie Dough Cannabis Strain Review

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Cookie Dough Cannabis Strain

With the blissful properties of the Girl Scout Cookies strain as its genetic backbone, the Cookie Dough herb rides on the tides of its mother’s success. Being one of the most prominent cannabis varieties presently available, the GSC’s offspring often don’t need to work to earn popularity on the market. But even then, the Cookie Dough descendant puts in the effort to earn its keep.

Mixing together the sweet taste of pastry dough, pepper, citrus, and gasoline, the Cookie Dough strain is one of those cannabis varieties that tell you exactly what to expect simply from its name. Its whimsical flavor and sweet aroma both appeal to the senses, but its deep running effects grab a hold of the nerves and put the body in a lucid state of comfort and physical ease.

The Origins of the Cookie Dough Strain

The Girl Scout Cookies variety – or simply GSC – has often been recognized as one of the most exquisitely engineered cannabis strains presently on the market. Its powerful effects and mouthwatering flavor come together to produce a profile that fits the needs and preferences of most users – regardless of their level of experience. So, it comes as no surprise that breeders were particularly interested in the GSC’s genetics, leading them to pick out its best phenotype for isolation.

Today, the GSC has tons of offspring circulating the market, but none have been quite as successful as the Cookie Dough strain. A select phenotype of the GSC mother, this strain magnifies the effects and flavor of its ancestor. For you, that means double the flavor and double the impact of the ever popular GSC variety.

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Aroma and Appearance

While it isn’t entirely clear how the breeders came to isolate the Cookie Dough’s properties, they deserve a pat on the back for their perfectly encapsulation of the pastry aroma. Sweet and sticky, the strain’s smell can take you straight through a bakery’s doors, caressing your nose with the lip smacking flavor of dough. But as you sniff through the layers of aroma, hints of gasoline and pepper poke their heads and put your senses on a wild goose chase.

In an attempt to fully register the hidden scents exuded by the strain, some users – especially veterans – would probably continue to stuff their snout into the jar. While the undertones might jab at your nostrils, the elusive notes can be hard to fully capture. But nonetheless, the swirl of aromas can be particularly pleasant to the senses.

On the exterior, the Cookie Dough strain shines with the glorious glitter of sunshine yellow tendrils and orange-purple leaves. The deep forest overtones and golden-brown leaves cluster together in reckless abandon, and are drizzled with the shine of a thousand flickering crystallized trichomes.

Experience and Effects

Well-balanced and controlled, the Cookie Dough strain is especially popular for its effects that don’t subdue the mind. The strain curtails the effects of the cannabinoids on the cognition, giving rise to a calm collectedness and sharp clarity that can reduce the clutter that might get in the way of your thoughts and activities. The strain relieves mental tension and stress, letting you enjoy freedom from agitation and distress.

As the thick, pastry-flavored smoke trails through your mouth, throat, and lungs with its gasoline-laced tail, the effects of Cookie Dough proceed to progress. If you’re not in any particular state of discomfort, then the second phase of the strain’s impact might not be deeply felt. But those struggling with severe physical tension, Cookie Dough promises supreme relief.

While it doesn’t lift the body or make your limbs feel any different, Cookie Dough takes away the various discomforts that might make you feel heavy, sluggish, and unwell. In effect, it helps you cope with the many different issues that might be plaguing your body and hindering you from feeling your 100% best self.

image of cookie dough strain experience and effects

Growing and Processing

To be perfectly honest, Cookie Dough isn’t what you would call the easiest strain to grow. With specific cultivation needs, the herb thrives best in the gardens of farmers with previous cannabis growing experience. Nonetheless, the specific requirements for full genetic expression shed light on the kind of quality that Cookie Dough provides. Unlike varieties with non-specific needs, the Cookie Dough strain offers more powerful genetics that shine through for potent effects.

The strain reaches maturity in over 12 weeks, making it one of the more tedious varieties to grow. On top of that, harvests might not be quite as fat, producing a modest 4 ounces of bud for each foot of the plant’s height. But even then, recreational farmers in search of a premium quality herb can find sound purpose in the growth of the Cookie Dough cannabis strain.

For wholesale growers, Cookie Dough’s long growth period and modest returns might not make it the best choice. But if you were hoping to produce an extract that demonstrates the qualities of Cookie Dough, then taking your chances with the strain might satisfy your need.

Who Is It For?

Lucid and controlled, there’s a lot to love about the Cookie Dough strain. Everything from the delicate flavors to its refined effects guarantee excellent outcomes for any user on any level of the experience ladder. But more than anyone, the Cookie Dough strain bests serves individuals who are going through bodily aches and discomfort, and those who want to relieve physical symptoms without impairing mentality and cognitive processes.

Reserved and collected, the Cookie Dough’s effects promise to keep you fully intact while soothing the various stresses that might be chewing away at your muscles and bones. For growers, Cookie Dough might be a better choice for recreational farmers who want to grow their own top quality bud from the comfort of home. Nonetheless, those who want to take the risk with the plants lengthy growth and mediocre harvest might find a hungry wholesale market for this premium cannabis strain. Just make sure you’ve got enough space in your garden to grow the strain in bulk so you can make up for the lost time.

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