Is Hemp Flower Legal in Mississippi?

Hemp is now one of the fastest growing markets in the United States, and that’s all thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Finally legalizing hemp and recognizing the herb as a separate entity from its psychoactive brother, Marijuana, this law paved the way for brand new products to enter the market and cater to buyers of all backgrounds.

In states like Mississippi however, legislators are working hard to make sure that marijuana laws aren’t trampled in favor of hemp’s legality. But with such close resemblance between these two herbs, there are still some restrictions that surround hemp for the convenience of both civilians and law enforcement.


Is Hemp Flower Legal in Mississippi


Can You Smoke Hemp Flower in Mississippi?

It’s important to remember that hemp isn’t a controlled substance, so there shouldn’t be a question on whether or not you can smoke it. The issue arises when you consider the resemblance between hemp and marijuana.

The only thing that sets these two herbs apart is the concentration of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in their chemistry. This main psychoactive compound is what causes the high that marijuana is known for, and is the reason why marijuana remains a controlled substance. In hemp, THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%.

Other than this minor distinction, there isn’t anything else that distinguishes the two herbs from one another, especially since they come from the same plant. That said, simply looking at samples of marijuana and hemp makes it impossible to tell them apart, and this is what law enforcement agents struggle with.

Since appearance and odor are no longer enough to establish probable cause, officers can’t apprehend supposed marijuana offenders based solely on the look of the herb.

Samples must be sent to labs to get a reading of the herb’s THC content, which will then determine if the individual can be penalized. On top of that, the tests can take quite some time to turn up results especially since laboratories are typically backed up with testing requests.

All of that said, it might be better to simply avoid bringing your hemp flower along with you. If you ever need a dose of hemp or CBD while you’re away from home, you can always opt for edibles, oils, and vapes, among other choices.


Are Hemp Edibles Legal in Mississippi?

You’d be surprised to know that hemp edibles aren’t actually legal anywhere in the United States. According to the FDA, hemp extracts aren’t approved as a food additive, and therefore can’t be incorporated into food and drinks. So, all hemp edibles, regardless of type, shouldn’t be allowed for sale and consumption.

Even then, hemp edibles make up a large chunk of the present hemp market. With most vendors carrying some form of edible – the most common being gummies – it’s easy to see that these products aren’t regulated too strictly despite being considered illegal. In fact, online vendors are even capable of sending these products across state borders without any repercussions.

So, what gives? The short answer is that it seems the authorities don’t really care. Seeing this leniency with hemp infused products, most experts believe that edibles will find their way into legality sooner rather than later.


Hemp Flower in Mississippi


Can You Grow Hemp Flower in Mississippi?

Mississippi has some of the strangest marijuana laws across the country. While they have decriminalized the possession and use of the herb, the state has yet to approve it for either medical or recreational use. So, while it won’t get you jail time, you still can’t use it even if you’ve got a medical condition.

With that in mind, individuals can’t grow their own hemp at home. This is because cultivators need specific knowledge in order to guarantee that their cannabis flourishes to possess hemp chemistry, and not marijuana chemistry. Anyone without a license to grow hemp will be charged for possession and cultivation hemp, which is typically subject to steep fines and penalties.


The Legality of Hemp in Mississippi

Hemp remains legal on a federal level. And although you should be able to enjoy the herb freely, there are certain regulations and restrictions in place to help law enforcement implement marijuana laws without stepping on hemp freedom. All in all, you should be able to use your favorite hemp products in Mississippi without a fuss, just make sure you don’t grow your own herb or use the raw stuff in public.


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